Improving the quality of life in the Great Lakes region and across the country.


Our Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Roger R. Fross

Vice Chairman
Charles U. Daly

Chairman Emeritus
John T. Anderson

Ellen S. Alberding
José B. Alvarez
Robert G. Bottoms
Michael F. Brewer
Piyush Chaudhari
Anthony S. Earl
Carlton L. Guthrie
Daniel P. Kearney
Tracey L. Meares
Margot M. Rogers
Paula Wolff


Ellen S. Alberding

Vice President, Finance & Administration, Secretary and Treasurer
Deborah Gillespie

Vice President, Strategy and Programs
Beth Swanson

Chief Investment Officer
Jane Patterson

Program Officers

Angelique Power, Senior Program Officer

Stephanie Banchero, Senior Program Officer

Jason Quiara, Program Officer

Whitney Smith, Senior Program Director / Joint Fund Contact
Matthew M. Muench, Program Officer

Ed Miller, Program Director
Elizabeth Cisar, Senior Program Officer

George Cheung, Senior Program Officer

Gun Violence Prevention
Nina Vinik, Program Director
Jessyca Dudley, Program Officer

Director of Communications
Bill Strong

Manager of Digital Strategies and Engagement
Erin Hannigan

Kerry M. Goese

Senior Accountant
Pablo Merchan

Manager of Grants and Technology Specialist
Veronica Salter

Support Staff
Hysan Gearring (Education, Employment, and Joint Fund Program Assistant)
Aubrya Perry (Democracy and Environment Program Assistant)
Erin Pritchard (Executive Assistant to the President)
Tamara Robbins (Communications and Culture Program Assistant & Design Specialist)
Alice Taylor (Assistant to the Vice President, Finance & Administration)
Lynne Wiora (Gun Violence Prevention and Special Opportunities Program Assistant)


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