Employment Grants

Total Employment 2010: $6,180,750


Brandon Roberts & Associates
Chevy Chase, MD
To support the Working Poor Families Project, a national initiative that seeks to strengthen state policies that promote economic self-sufficiency for low-income working families. (2 yrs.)

Chicago Jobs Council
Chicago, IL $475,000
To continue its state and local advocacy efforts to improve economic, workforce, and education policies to benefit low-income, low-skilled workers in Illinois. (2 yrs.)

Community Research Partners
Columbus, OH $120,000
To research and advocate for improvements to Ohio’s workforce and adult education systems to better serve low-income adults.
(1 yr.)

Jobs for the Future
Boston, MA $280,000
For continued management of the Senior Congressional Staff Network for Workforce Development and Economic Security.
(2 yrs.)

Michigan League for Human Services
Lansing, MI $100,000
For ongoing research and advocacy related to adult education and workforce policies in Michigan. (1 yr.)

National Employment Law Project Inc.
New York, NY $650,000
For continued support of federal- and state-level technical assistance and policy analysis related to Unemployment Insurance, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and dislocated worker service reforms. (2 yrs.)

National Skills Coalition
Washington, DC $750,000
For support of ongoing advocacy and organizing around state and federal workforce development policy issues as well as support for strategic communications efforts. (2 yrs.)

Policy Matters Ohio
Cleveland, OH $100,000
To support research and advocacy on adult education and training, and job opportunities in the emerging clean-energy economy.
(1 yr.)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Center on Wisconsin Strategy
Madison, WI $330,000
To continue its technical assistance, research, and outreach to improve state policies to help low-income workers advance to better jobs. (2 yrs.)


Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Chicago, IL $200,000
To support the launch of the national Virtual Prior Learning Assessment Center. (2 yrs.)

Jobs for the Future
Boston, MA $75,000
For its real-time labor market information project. (1 yr.)

Macomb Community College Foundation
Warren, MI $50,000
To support the Auto Community Colleges Network. (1 yr.)

Making The Case

Center for American Progress
Washington, DC $58,400
To support the 21st Century College Student Storytelling Initiative. (1 yr.)

Chapin Hall Center for Children
Chicago, IL $100,000
To support the CWICstats, a workforce data and research initiative. (2 yrs.)

Civic Consulting Alliance
Chicago, IL $200,000
To support a yearlong program to “kick start” the work of reinventing the City Colleges of Chicago. (1 yr.)

Shifting Gears

Brandon Roberts & Associates
Chevy Chase, MD $425,000
To continue evaluating the Joyce Foundation’s Shifting Gears initiative. (2 yrs.)

Center for Law and Social Policy
Washington, DC $1,238,000
To support the Shifting Gears Initiative as well as federal policy advocacy on workforce and education issues affecting low-income adults. (2 yrs.)

PublicVoice Inc.
New Rochelle, NY $216,350
To provide strategic communications assistance to the Shifting Gears state policy initiatives. (1 yr.)

Transitional Jobs

Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights
Chicago, IL $250,000
For the program design and evaluation of Michigan’s Earn and Learn Initiative. (2 yrs.)

Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights
Chicago, IL $300,000
For continued support of the National Transitional Jobs Network.
(2 yrs.)