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Chasing Ice O’Hare Airport Display Showcases The Impact Of Climate Change

January 15, 2013 10:57 AM

Extreme Ice Survey exhibit features James Balog’s acclaimed photography that documents the Earth’s melting glaciers.

An awe-inspiring new exhibit featuring a collection of 18 large-scale images of glaciers from the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) project has arrived at O’Hare International Airport. “Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers”, located past security in Terminal 2, features the work of acclaimed photographer James Balog, whose Chasing Ice documentary made news when a song from the film was nominated for an Academy Award.

“The imagery showcased in this fascinating exhibit is captivating and thought-provoking in its depiction of changing glaciers,” said Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolino. “On behalf of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we are very pleased to work with James Balog, Earth Vision Trust and the Joyce Foundation to feature this unique photo collection which will raise awareness of the Extreme Ice Survey project for the millions of passengers who travel through Chicago’s global gateway.”

The photos depict panoramic shots of glaciers taken over time in various parts of the world. A series of panels that accompany the photos describe the EIS project and educate viewers about what they can do about climate change. The exhibit also features information on the City of Chicago’s and Chicago Department of Aviation’s initiatives to incorporate green practices across the city and at its airports.

In the coming weeks the exhibit will be expanded to include artifacts from the EIS project pertaining to the actual work of the team. Videos featuring time-lapse images will be shown on the CNN Network on monitors throughout the airport.

Founded in 2007 by James Balog, EIS is a long-term photography project that merges art and science to give a “visual voice” to the planet’s changing ecosystems. Twenty-eight cameras are deployed at 13 glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, the Nepalese Himalaya, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains of the U.S. These cameras record changes in the glaciers every half hour, year-round during daylight, yielding approximately 8,000 frames per camera per year.

The project is intended to provide scientists with important information on the mechanics of glacial melting and educate the public with firsthand evidence of how rapidly the Earth’s climate is changing. The project is a collaboration among imagemakers, engineers, and scientists, all devoted to documenting the changes transforming arctic and alpine landscapes today.

The “Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers” installation was produced in partnership with the Joyce Foundation, Earth Vision Trust and the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA). The Foundation’s Environment Program sponsored the exhibit because both individual actions and improved public policies in the Great Lakes region can help prevent climate change – as near as Chicago and as distant as the glaciers shown in Chasing Ice.

The exhibit is part of the CDA Arts and Exhibits Program. The goal of the program is to enhance travelers’ airport experience by presenting aesthetically pleasing, engaging and enlightening art and exhibits throughout Chicago’s airports. In addition to its permanent art collection, CDA features artists, cultural institutions and non-for-profit organizations to participate in a variety of exhibition opportunities at the airports.


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