Title, Amount, Location, Program, Focus Area, Description, Year, Term, Website "Chicago Dramatists Workshop","20000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To support and develop playwrights of African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA) descent through a two-year residency initiative","2017","12","www.chicagodramatists.org" "Navy Pier Chicago","100000","IL","Culture","Access","To commission site-specific work and public performances by noted African American artist, Nick Cave.","2017","12","www.navypier.com" "Columbia College Chicago","36000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To cover Columbia College's Glass Curtain Gallery's curation of an exhibition inspired by the respective archives of Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Victor Alemn.","2017","12","www.colum.edu" "Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund","75000","CA","Democracy","Voting Rights","To conduct public education, community outreach, and litigation to improve minority representation at the local government level in Illinois.","2017","12","http://www.maldef.org/" "Stand for Children Leadership Center","300000","OR","Education","Teacher Quality","To advocate for teacher preparation policies, and to support the effective implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in Illinois and Indiana by building community support for teacher quality policies and other reforms.","2017","12","www.stand.org" "The Joan Ganz Cooney Center","200000","NY","Education","Kindergarten Readiness","To introduce its new national agenda for scaling family engagement innovations that use digital tools, and to spur the adoption of these tools in a handful of cities and states.","2017","12","www.joanganzcooneycenter.org" "Education Writers Association","275000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To build the capacity of Great Lakes journalists reporting on education issues, including teacher quality, early childhood education, and postsecondary pathways.","2017","24","http://www.ewa.org/" "Education First Consulting","150000","WA","Education","Every Student Succeeds Act","To help craft the state's Every Student Succeeds Act plan, and to provide support for advocates in Illinois and Minnesota.","2017","12"," " "The University of Chicago","100000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To help establish the Consortium Investment Council at the Chicago Consortium on School Research, which will provide dependable funding for putting research to work, refreshing the data archive, seeding new studies, and replicating previous studies.","2017","12","www.uchicago.edu" "National Center for Teacher Residencies","200000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To help integrate its policy, advocacy, communications and research strategies to advance the national movement toward residency-style teacher preparation.","2017","12","www.nctresidencies.org" "The Surge Institute","100000","IL","Education","Innovation Grants","To help fund a one-year fellowship for emerging education leaders of color, and a research project on the Institute's impact.","2017","12","www.surgeinstitute.org" "Bank Street College of Education","100000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To complete a research and policy paper on funding sustainability for residency-style teacher preparation programs.","2017","9"," " "Education First Consulting","675000","WA","Education","Teacher Quality","To help facilitate partnerships between teacher training programs and the Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Chicago public school districts to better align teacher supply and demand pipelines in each city.","2017","24"," " "Chicago Community Trust","25000","IL","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","To support the operations of Workforce Matters, a national affinity group of workforce development funders, and a project of Chicago Community Trust.","2017","12","www.cct.org" "The Saint Paul Foundation","150000","MN","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To support MSPWin, a Twin Cities workforce development collaborative of twelve grant makers.","2017","12","http://saintpaulfoundation.org" "Minneapolis Foundation","175000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For continued support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy network, including its energy efficiency rapid response fund.","2017","12","http://www.MinneapolisFoundation.org" "Metropolitan Planning Council","50000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To advance priorities identified in Our Great Rivers, a vision and action agenda for Chicago's rivers.","2017","12","www.metroplanning.org" "States United to Prevent Gun Violence","40000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","State Policy Reform","For software, communications, technical, and digital support to its network of 31 state gun violence prevention groups.","2017","12","http://www.ceasefireusa.org/" "Protect Minnesota","25000","MN","Gun Violence Prevention","State Policy Reform","To support a director of research and operations, and coalition building in Greater Minnesota.","2017","12","http://www.protectmn.org/" "Chicago Community Trust","25000","IL","Incubator Fund"," ","To support the Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities.","2017","6","www.cct.org" "The University of Chicago","200000","IL","Incubator Fund"," ","To support the University of Chicago Crime Lab's development of an early intervention system for the Chicago Police Department.","2017","12","www.uchicago.edu" "Police Executive Research Forum","200000","DC","Incubator Fund"," ","For leadership development and technical support for the Chicago Police Department.","2017","12","www.PoliceForum.org" "New York University","140000","NY","Incubator Fund"," ","For its School of Law to support the Policing Project's Chicago Community Engagement Initiative.","2017","6","https://www.nyu.edu/" "Advance Illinois","400000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To Advance Illinois (AI) with a specific focus on the teacher quality, college-and-career readiness and early childhood work.","2017","24","www.advanceillinois.org" "Institute for Nonprofit News","50000","CA","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support establishment of Amplify News Midwest-a central news distribution, placement, and collaboration hub to facilitate increased sharing of public interest stories among Midwest nonprofit news sites.","2017","12","https://inn.org/" "Friends of Wisconsin Public Television Inc.","75000","WI","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support continued development and testing of a new, collaborative, web-based news and information service, WisContext.","2017","12"," " "Civic Consulting Alliance","300000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To provide strategic consulting to the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois in the areas of education, employment, public safety, and culture.","2015","2 years","http://www.ccachicago.org/" "New Organizing Institute Education Fund","115000","DC","Special Opportunities","Digital Tools","To provide Joyce grantees with trainings on public narrative and data-driven campaigns.","2014","1 year","http://neworganizing.com/" "Small Business Majority Foundation Inc.","100000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For research and outreach with small business owners in the Great Lakes to support advancements in workforce development, energy efficiency, and democracy.","2014","1 year","http://www.smallbusinessmajority.org" "Chicago Public Media Inc.","175000","IL","Special Opportunities","Communications","For in-depth regional reporting on issues of importance to the Great Lakes region, including education, employment, environment, or gun violence prevention.","2014","1 year","http://www.chicagopublicmedia.org" "Chicago Urban League","140000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support the launch of an African American Leadership Development Program.","2014","2 years","http://www.thechicagourbanleague.org" "WCIJ Inc.","50000","WI","Special Opportunities","Communications","To increase the quality and quantity of investigative reporting in Wisconsin, while training the current and future generations of investigative journalists.","2014","1 year","http://www.wisconsinwatch.org" "MinnPost","100000","MN","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support effective democracy and regional environmental coverage.","2014","2 years","http://www.minnpost.com/" "MDRC","300000","NY","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For research and development activities intended to generate effective, scalable interventions to address challenges in the education and workforce development sectors.","2014","3 years","http://www.mdrc.org" "Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future","50000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To pilot the support of an innovative pay-for-success approach to financing energy efficiency retrofits in multifamily affordable housing.","2014","1 year","http://www.sahfnet.org" "EMBARC Inc.","100000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For salary support of the executive director.","2014","2 years","http://www.embarcchicago.org" "Tapfound Inc. DBA Taproot Foundation","52500","CA","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For renewed support to coordinate pro bono professional consulting services to seven Chicago-area Joyce Foundation grantees, with a goal of strengthening their infrastructure and expanding their capacity.","2014","1 year","http://www.taprootfoundation.org" "National Public Radio Inc.","300000","DC","Special Opportunities","Communications","For coverage of education, energy, employment, and gun violence issues, as well as for two reporter trainings.","2014","2 years","http://www.npr.org" "Window to the World Communications Inc.","100000","IL","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support reporting on environment, education, and employment issues on Chicago Tonight and the PBS NewsHour.","2014","1 year","http://www.wttw.com" "The University of Chicago","100000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For a research project to inform the design of large scale programs to help at-risk youth.","2014","1 year","http://www.uchicago.edu" "Center for American Progress","100000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To engage young people in the Midwest on gun violence prevention and democracy issues.","2014","1 year","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Grantmakers in the Arts","170000","WA","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support Project Enrich.","2014","1 year","http://www.giarts.org" "The Barack Obama Foundation","1000000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support the design and development of the Obama Presidential Library.","2014","3 years","http://www.obamapresidentialfoundation.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","250000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For continued support of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions and the Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund.","2014","2 years","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "Harvard University","100000","MA","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For its Hauser Institute for Civil Society for the customization and launch of Sustain Arts Chicago, a user friendly data platform for the arts.","2014","1 year","sustainarts.org" "State Voices","150000","MI","Special Opportunities","Digital Tools","For data services and technology to increase the effectiveness of policy advocacy by Illinois nonprofits through greater constituent mobilization and cross-organizational collaboration.","2014","2 years","http://www.statevoices.org/" "Metropolitan Planning Council","150000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To develop the first ever, comprehensive vision and plan for the Chicago and Calumet Rivers","2014","18 months","http://www.metroplanning.org" "Massachusetts Institute of Technology","200000","MA","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.","2015","2 years","http://www.mit.edu/" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","500000","DC","Special Opportunities","Communications","To develop a fellowship to establish a reliable pool of exceptional leaders capable of leading community colleges to high levels of student success.","2015","2 years","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "The University of Chicago","600000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To establish the University of Chicago Urban Labs, a set of labs focused on undertaking inquiry and having impact on five essential dimensions of urban life: education, crime, poverty, health and energy.","2015","2 years","http://www.uchicago.edu" "Chicago Public Media Inc.","135000","IL","Special Opportunities","Communications","To provide in-depth reporting coverage of the Illinois statehouse and of regional issues that impact Great Lakes residents.","2015","1 year","http://www.chicagopublicmedia.org" "Clean Wisconsin Inc.","20000","WI","Special Opportunities","Digital Tools","To modernize digital communications systems, including new tools for email distribution and advocacy/fundraising databases.","2015","1 year","http://www.cleanwisconsin.org" "StoryCorps","225000","NY","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support StoryCorps in Chicago from September 1, 2015, to August 31, 2018.","2015","3 years","http://www.storycorps.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","100000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","In support of UpSkill America, a coalition engaging employers in advancing economic opportunity for low-wage workers.","2015","1 year","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "Chicago Public Media Inc.","260000","IL","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support Front and Center to specifically engage citizens on the issue of climate change.","2015","1 year","http://www.chicagopublicmedia.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","60000","DC","Special Opportunities","Digital Tools","To support the development of a high-quality website that would showcase the lessons learned from the Aspen Prize.","2015","1 year","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "New York Public Radio","150000","NY","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support an original series of reports about community colleges to be aired on WNYC.","2015","1 year","NJPUBLICRADIO.ORG" "New York Public Radio","100000","NY","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support planning and development of Radiolab Presents: SCOTUS.","2015","4 months","NJPUBLICRADIO.ORG" "Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York","200000","NY","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support an in-depth, data-driven investigative reporting project on gun violence in the United States.","2015","18 months","http://www.journalism.columbia.edu/" "Urban Institute","75000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For a project on race, guns, policing, and mass incarceration.","2015","8 months","http://www.urban.org" "Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Inc.","75000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For a project on race, guns, policing, and mass incarceration.","2015","9 months","http://www.jointcenter.org" "Thrive Chicago","100000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support collective impact efforts to improve kindergarten readiness, college completion, and employment outcomes for Chicago residents.","2015","1 year","http://www.thrivechi.org/" "The University of Chicago","46000","IL","Special Opportunities","Digital Tools","For its Black Youth Project 100 to support its digital work in 2016.","2015","6 months","http://www.uchicago.edu" "Civic Nation","100000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support its College Promise Campaign, an effort to help more students access and complete community college degrees.","2015","1 year","http://www.civicnation.org" "National Wildlife Federation","25000","VA","Special Opportunities","Digital Tools","For digital tools in support of efforts related to the Waukesha Diversion application that is currently pending.","2015","1 year","http://www.nwf.org/" "Forefront","100000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To implement the Engaging for Impact strategic plan and to continue to serve as a leading voice and coordinator of philanthropic and nonprofit advocacy in Illinois.","2016","2 years","http://www.donorsforum.org" "Young Invincibles","50000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support its 2016 Millennial Issues Campaign.","2015","1 year","http://www.younginvincibles.org" "The Atlantic Monthly Group Inc.","150000","DC","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support a full-day forum in Washington, DC, on November 12 to study the issues at the intersection of mass incarceration, race, policing, and gun violence.","2015","3 months","http://www.theatlantic.com/" "MinnPost","120000","MN","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support expanded coverage of Joyce issues and help MinnPost at a time of leadership transition requiring increased editorial salaries.","2016","2 years","http://www.minnpost.com/" "WCIJ Inc.","100000","WI","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support in-depth coverage of several Joyce issues, including gun violence prevention, democracy, and environment.","2016","2 years","http://www.wisconsinwatch.org" "Elevate Energy","200000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For the Low-Income Energy Efficiency Funding State Strategy Project.","2016","15 months","http://www.elevateenergy.org/" "Robert R. McCormick Foundation","50000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To support teacher professional development activities in civics education throughout Illinois.","2016","1 year","http://www.rrmtf.org" "Urban Institute","470000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For a research initiative projecting the major changes likely to take place in the six Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.","2016","1 year","http://www.urban.org" "Service Year Exchange Inc.","400000","DC","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","For the integration of a digital badging system into Service Year exchange to create a validated learning system of 21st century skills.","2015","2 years","https://serviceyear.org/" "Chicago Public Media Inc.","235000","IL","Special Opportunities","Communications","To 1) provide in-depth reporting coverage of the Illinois statehouse and of regional issues that impact Great Lakes residents and 2) create a series of personal stories focused on the issue of gun violence in Chicago.","2016","1 year","www.chicagopublicmedia.org" "Chicago Urban League","200000","IL","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To develop a research and policy center that will inform the League's program development, as well as the League's advocacy and policy agendas.","2016","2 years","www.thechicagourbanleague.org" "Cleveland Water Alliance","150000","OH","Special Opportunities","Cross-Programmatic Innovations","To produce the AquaHacking Summit 2017: United for Lake Erie.","2016","2 years","www.clevelandwateralliance.org/" "Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York","125000","NY","Special Opportunities","Communications","For its Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at the Columbia Journalism School to support a two-part project: a two-day advanced reporting institute on gun violence and prevention for Midwest reporters, editors and producers; and subsequent fellowships for in-depth reporting projects by journalists who participate in the institutes.","2016","18 months","www.journalism.columbia.edu/" "National Public Radio Inc.","300000","DC","Special Opportunities","Communications","To support in-depth coverage of Joyce issues, with a special focus on energy and the environment and on education, especially the newly reauthorized federal K-12 law, the Every Student Succeeds Act.","2016","2 years","www.npr.org" "Stanford University","435000","CA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Other","To design, test and evaluate 'mindset' interventions intended to increase the education and employment outcomes of adult learners in various post-secondary education settings.","2014","2 years","http://www.perts.net/home/PERTS.php" "Teachers College, Columbia University","300000","NY","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Other","To support a collaborative research project between Columbia's Community College Research Center, City Colleges of Chicago, and the Civic Consulting Alliance to improve City College student education and employment outcomes.","2014","2 years","http://www.tc.columbia.edu/hechinger" "MDRC","350000","NY","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To conduct a scan of programmatic and policy approaches underway in the Great Lakes designed to increase high school graduation and college readiness by incorporating work-based learning, early college options, and structured pathways.","2014","1 year","http://www.mdrc.org" "Advance Illinois","162000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To support the development of regional high school and community college/university transition redesign programs.","2014","1 year","http://www.advanceillinois.org" "CityBridge Foundation","100000","DC","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To engage author Paul Tough to write a handbook and build a website for policy makers and practitioners that examines the relationship between childhood adversity and adult outcomes.","2014","1 year","http://www.citybridgefoundation.org/" "SRI International","220000","CA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To research and write a report on the importance of and approaches to helping adults develop 'Personal Success Skills,' incorporating the latest science, policy, and evidence-based practice.","2014","1 year","http://www.sri.com" "Advance Illinois","600000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To support its state policy advocacy and leadership in Illinois' education community.","2015","2 years","http://www.advanceillinois.org" "CESA#1","300000","WI","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Teaching and Learning","To support research and capacity-building related to personalized learning in CESA#1 classrooms, schools and districts, with a focus on understanding the effectiveness of personalized learning, and what accounts for that effectiveness.","2015","18 months","http://www.cesa1.k12.wi.us/" "LEAP Innovations","200000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Teaching and Learning","To support personalized-learning school transformations in Chicago-area schools, to evaluate the process, and share findings.","2015","1 year","http://www.leapinnovations.org/" "Purdue University","50000","IN","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To design a quasi-experimental study to determine the effect of project-based learning on the development of personal success skills.","2015","1 year","http://www.purdue.edu/honorscollege" "Deans for Impact","50000","TX","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Teaching and Learning","For policy advocacy and communications efforts around teacher preparation reform, and to launch a learning science pilot program at three institutions.","2015","1 year","http://www.deansforimpact.org/" "Northwestern University","82750","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To support research on how a variety of variables impact employee performance.","2015","1 year","http://www.northwestern.edu" "Mercer","200000","MD","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To better understand how employers assess personal success skills at the time of hire and when promoting entry-level candidates.","2015","1 year","http://www.mercer.com" "UCHICAGOImpact LLC","300000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To develop, scale and research teacher professional development training interventions aimed at creating environments where students can develop personal success (non-cognitive) skills in K-12 classrooms.","2015","2 years","http://uei.chicago.edu" "Cabrillo College Foundation","400000","CA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To understand whether the inter- and intra-personal skills developed by community college students in the ACE program translate into better workplace outcomes and the mechanisms by which might drive any improvement.","2015","2 years","https://http://www.cabrillo.edu/associations/foundation/index.php" "Metropolitan Family Services","250000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To support MHA Labs' effort to launch the Great Lakes Workforce Improvement Network.","2015","2 years","http://www.metrofamily.org" "MIT Media Lab","700000","MA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Teaching and Learning","To support the Media Lab's new Learning Initiative.","2015","3 years","http://www.media.mit.edu/" "New Profit Inc.","250000","MA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To conduct the design phase of a prize competition to identify and reward the most effective programs for teaching personal success skills.","2015","1 year","http://www.newprofit.com" "Northern Illinois University","100000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To support the Illinois 60 by 2025 Network-a partnership of Illinois communities working together to improve students' transition from high school to college and reach a goal of 60 percent of Illinois adults having a college credential by 2025.","2015","1 year","http://www.niu.edu/index.shtml" "ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career","3000000","CA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To lead Joyce's College and Career Pathways Initiative in four Great Lakes communities.","2015","2 years","http://www.connectedcalifornia.org/" "Students for Education Reform","50000","NY","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing efforts in Minnesota.","2015","1 year","http://www.studentsforedreform.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","300000","DC","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To help convene a national commission on social, emotional and academic learning and issue policy and practice recommendations in a 'Report to the Nation.'","2016","2 years","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "University of Virginia","250000","VA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","To design a series of research studies focused on the employment effects of interventions to develop personal success skills.","2015","1 year","http://www.virginia.edu/" "Deans for Impact","50000","TX","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Teaching and Learning","To pilot efforts to deeply embed cognitive science in member deans teacher preparation programs.","2016","1 year","www.deansforimpact.org/" "Stanford University","500000","CA","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Personal Success Skills","For its Project for Education Research that Scales to scale evidence-based mindset programs in higher education.","2016","3 years","www.credo.stanford.edu" "The University of Chicago","55000","IL","Joint Fund for Education and Employment","Pathways","For the To & Through Project to test the feasibility of using state data to report students' progression from the 9th grade 'to and through' college for all Illinois students, including two-year schools.","2016","1 year","www.uchicago.edu" "Cerqua Rivera Art Experience","25000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For salary support for the current development director, the artistic associate/community coordinator/rehearsal director, and for a quarter-time subsidy for a new social media/public relations coordinator.","2014","1 year","http://www.cerquarivera.org" "Asian Improv aRts Midwest","40000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For capacity building initiatives.","2014","1 year","www.taikolegacy.com" "City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events","50000","IL","Culture","Access","For its Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events' Artist and Curatorial Residency Program in visual art.","2014","1 year","http://www.explorechicago.org/specialevents" "Columbia College Chicago Center for Black Music Research","40000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For its Center for Black Music Research to support the creation of FREE/PHASE, an intermedia suite including music, sound art, video, and documentary and archival elements by media artists Mendi and Keith Obadike.","2014","1 year","http://www.colum.edu/cbmr/" "Black Women Playwrights' Group","50000","DC","Culture","Other","To support the cyber narrative project.","2014","1 year","http://www.blackwomenplaywrights.org" "Chicago Human Rhythm Project","40000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support the program manager position for the American Rhythm Center (ARC), and ARC space rental fees for a diverse range of emerging, culturally-specific, and community-based artists and companies.","2014","1 year","http://www.chicagotap.org" "Black Ensemble Theater Corporation","75000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For capacity building.","2014","1 year","http://www.blackensembletheater.org" "Gilloury Institute","50000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To strengthen organizational capacity through funding the position of artistic director and live theater and online play production support.","2014","1 year","http://www.srtp.org" "Chicago Theatre Group Inc.","125000","IL","Culture","Access","To support artistic development and diversity initiatives.","2014","1 year","http://www.goodman-theatre.org" "Chicago Sinfonietta Inc.","100000","IL","Culture","Access","To support programming, audience development, board and administrative development, and long-term planning.","2014","1 year","http://www.chicagosinfonietta.org" "Victory Gardens Theater","60000","IL","Culture","Access","For production support for the world premiere of 'A Wonder In My Soul' by Marcus Gardley to be developed in collaboration with Artistic Director Chay Yew.","2014","1 year","http://www.victorygardens.org" "Court Theatre Fund","60000","IL","Culture","Access","For continued salary support for African American director Ron OJ Parson.","2014","1 year","http://www.courttheatre.org" "Hyde Park Jazz Festival","20000","IL","Culture","Other","To develop an audio/video prototype about Chicago jazz.","2014","1 year","http://www.hydeparkjazzfestival.org" "Steppenwolf Theater Co.","50000","IL","Culture","Access","For continued support of its Multicultural Fellowship program.","2014","1 year","http://www.steppenwolf.org" "Puerto Rican Arts Alliance","60000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support salaries to expand hours for current staff and add a full-time office manager.","2014","1 year","http://www.praachicago.org" "Sones de Mexico Ensemble","25000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For its 20th Anniversary Concert in Millennium Park and cross-cultural collaboration with blues and Irish musicians.","2014","1 year","http://www.sonesdemexico.com" "Young Chicago Authors","30000","IL","Culture","Access","To support artistic mentorship and financial support for emerging poets as they develop their work.","2014","1 year","http://www.youngchicagoauthors.org" "Hyde Park Art Center","75000","IL","Culture","Access","To support a newly created deputy director position.","2014","1 year","http://www.hydeparkart.org" "Old Town School of Folk Music","50000","IL","Culture","Access","For continued support of the Cultural Heritage Project.","2014","1 year","http://www.oldtownschool.org" "Asian Improv aRts Midwest","50000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For capacity building initiatives.","2014","1 year","www.taikolegacy.com" "Teatro Vista Theatre with A View","50000","IL","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission a new play from Sandra Delgado.","2014","1 year","http://www.teatrovista.org" "Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit","50000","MI","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission a new multimedia work from visual artist Sanford Biggers.","2014","1 year","http://www.mocadetroit.org" "Mizna","30000","MN","Culture","Creativity","For a Great Lakes travel and writing residency project with artist Moheb Soliman.","2014","1 year","http://www.mizna.org" "Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Society","50000","MN","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission new music from Roberto Carlos Lange/'Helado Negro'.","2014","1 year","http://www.theSPCO.org" "Power House Productions","50000","MI","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission an outdoor 'ride-able' sculpture from visual artist Nari Ward.","2014","1 year","http://www.powerhouseproductions.org" "National Museum of Mexican Art","75000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For capacity building.","2014","1 year","http://www.nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org" "Columbia College","40000","IL","Culture","Access","For its Museum of Contemporary Photography for The Black Dandy project.","2014","1 year","http://www.mocp.org/" "Arts & Business Council of Chicago","35000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To strengthen and diversify Chicago's cultural sector through its On BOARD and Business Volunteers for the Arts programs.","2014","1 year","http://www.artsbiz-chicago.org" "Congo Square Theatre Company","35000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For continued support of staff salaries.","2014","1 year","http://www.congosquaretheatre.org" "The Board and Trustees of the University of Illinois","25000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For its Latin American and Latino Studies Program UIC for staff support for the upcoming Latino Art Now! Conference.","2014","1 year","http://www.uic.edu/las/latamst/index.shtml" "The University of Chicago","60000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For its Division of the Humanities to support the fourth year of the Southside Arts and Humanities Network's board leadership series.","2014","1 year","http://www.uchicago.edu" "Americans for the Arts","60000","DC","Culture","Capacity Building","To support a Cultural Equity Pre-Conference for the 2015 Chicago-based Americans for the Arts annual conference.","2014","1 year","http://www.americansforthearts.org" "United States Artists Inc.","25000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To support participation by artists of color in the USA Chicago Artists Convening in March 2015.","2014","1 year","http://www.unitedstatesartists.org" "Albany Park Theater Project","45000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To create and fund a new staff position, community partnerships coordinator.","2015","1 year","http://www.aptpchicago.org" "International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago","225000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For capacity building support of the Latino Music Festival.","2015","3 years","http://www.latinoculturalcenter.org" "Teatro Vista Theatre with A View","225000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For salary support for a managing and artistic director.","2015","3 years","http://www.teatrovista.org" "Old Town School of Folk Music","225000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support the School's continued efforts to diversify its concerts, classes, as well as the artistic and administrative staffing.","2015","3 years","http://www.oldtownschool.org" "Black Ensemble Theater Corporation","300000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For salary support to build out a robust development department.","2015","3 years","http://www.blackensembletheater.org" "Court Theatre Fund","240000","IL","Culture","Access","For continued salary support for African American director Ron OJ Parson.","2015","3 years","http://www.courttheatre.org" "Chicago Sinfonietta Inc.","300000","IL","Culture","Access","To further diversify its conductors, musicians and arts administrators and provide leadership for other symphonies seeking to diversify.","2015","3 years","http://www.chicagosinfonietta.org" "National Museum of Mexican Art","300000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support a build-out of its development staff.","2015","3 years","http://www.nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org" "Victory Gardens Theater","225000","IL","Culture","Access","To transform its audience diversity through plays, programs, community work and resident theater partnerships.","2015","3 years","http://www.victorygardens.org" "Chicago Theatre Group Inc.","300000","IL","Culture","Access","To develop promising, diverse individuals as artists as well as administrative and technical professionals.","2015","3 years","http://www.goodman-theatre.org" "Hyde Park Art Center","225000","IL","Culture","Access","To develop a pipeline for artists of color.","2015","3 years","http://www.hydeparkart.org" "Gilloury Institute","50000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To strengthen organizational capacity by funding a portion of the artistic and executive director's salaries and supporting a new solo performance series.","2015","1 year","http://www.srtp.org" "Cerqua Rivera Art Experience","50000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For salary support for the executive director, associate artistic director and social media assistant.","2015","2 years","http://www.cerquarivera.org" "Artadia: The Fund for Art Dialogue","15000","NY","Culture","Creativity","To support artist awards for artists of color.","2015","1 year","http://www.artadia.org" "Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation","20000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To create expanded opportunities for arts administrators of color, and staff and board members from ethnic arts institutions in Illinois, to lead and participate in the 2015 One State conference.","2015","1 year","http://www.artsalliance.org" "Steppenwolf Theater Co.","70000","IL","Culture","Access","For support of its diversity and equity initiative, a portion of which includes continued support for the multicultural fellowship.","2015","2 years","http://www.steppenwolf.org" "Illinois Humanities Council","40000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To support its Elective Studies program aimed at supporting diversity and creativity in the Chicago arts sector.","2015","1 year","http://www.prairie.org" "Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University","30000","IL","Culture","Access","To support the 2015 'Billy Strayhorn Festival' featuring performances, lectures and events throughout Chicago.","2015","1 year","http://www.auditoriumtheatre.org" "Puerto Rican Arts Alliance","120000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support the salary of a senior program director and cover costs of technology upgrades.","2015","2 years","http://www.praachicago.org" "Chicago Human Rhythm Project","40000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support the Program Manager position for the American Rhythm Center (ARC), and ARC space rental fees for a diverse range of emerging, ALAANA (African, Latino, Asian, Arab and Native American) artists and companies.","2015","1 year","http://www.chicagotap.org" "3Arts Inc.","40000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To increase digital capacity on a platform to fund African Latino Asian Arab Native American artists in Chicago.","2015","2 years","http://www.3arts.org" "Hyde Park Jazz Festival","20000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To fund a partnership with StoryCorps documenting the history of and stories behind Chicago jazz.","2015","1 year","http://www.hydeparkjazzfestival.org" "Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History","50000","MI","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission new work from Charles McGee.","2015","1 year","http://www.maah-detroit.org" "Chicago Children's Museum","50000","IL","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission new work from visual artist Juan Angel Chez.","2015","1 year","http://www.chichildrensmuseum.org" "Penumbra Theatre Company, Inc.","50000","MN","Culture","Joyce Awards","to commission new work from playwright Zakiyyah Alexander and composer Imani Uzuri.","2015","1 year","http://www.penumbraTheatre.org" "Ragamala Music and Dance Theater","50000","MN","Culture","Joyce Awards","To commission new work from dancers and choreographers Kyle Abraham and Aparna Ramaswamy.","2015","1 year","http://www.ragamala.net" "The University of Chicago","25000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To support the Washington Park Arts Incubator Artists-in-Residence program.","2016","1 year","http://www.uchicago.edu" "Artists","25000","IL","Culture","Creativity","For internal diversity work and support for participating artists of color in residencies and exhibitions.","2015","1 year","http://www.acreresidency.org" "ART21","50000","NY","Culture","Creativity","To support a Chicago-focused Art in the Twenty-First Century television show featuring Nick Cave and Theaster Gates.","2015","1 year","art21.org" "threewalls","15000","IL","Culture","Access","To support the Northern Triangle exhibition.","2015","1 year","http://www.three-walls.org/" "Congo Square Theatre Company","50000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For continued support of staff salaries.","2015","1 year","http://www.congosquaretheatre.org" "Independent Curators International","35000","NY","Culture","Access","For curatorial scholarships to curators of color to become part of the Independent Curators International cohort.","2015","1 year","http://www.curatorsintl.org" "Sones de Mexico Ensemble","35000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support staff salaries.","2015","1 year","http://www.sonesdemexico.com" "Arts & Business Council of Chicago","35000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To strengthen and diversify Chicago's cultural sector through its On BOARD and Business Volunteers for the Arts programs.","2015","1 year","http://www.artsbiz-chicago.org" "Asian Improv aRts Midwest","100000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support capacity building initiatives.","2015","2 years","www.taikolegacy.com" "President and Fellows of Harvard College","50000","MA","Culture","Access","To support the continued building and launch of Sustain Arts, a free online database that connects arts administrators and artists with venues, audiences and potential funders.","2016","1 year","http://www.hks.harvard.edu/hauser/contact/" "Museum of Contemporary Art","50000","IL","Culture","Access","To support the first major museum retrospective of African American contemporary artist, Kerry James Marshall.","2015","1 year","http://www.mcachicago.org" "Hubbard Street Dance Chicago","25000","IL","Culture","Access","To support equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) training at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.","2016","1 year","http://www.hubbardstreetdance.com" "Red Clay Dance Company","70000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To Red Clay Dance Company to support the hiring and salary of its first executive director.","2016","2 years","http://www.redclaydance.com/" "City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events","50000","IL","Culture","Creativity","For its Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events' Artist and Curatorial Residency Program in visual art.","2015","1 year","http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca.html" "National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture","40000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","To support a season of exhibition programs.","2015","1 year","http://nmprac.org/" "Albany Park Theater Project","90000","IL","Culture","Access","For continued support of the salary of its Community Partnerships Coordinator.","2016","2 years","www.aptpchicago.org" "Gilloury Institute","100000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For support to 1) Develop financially sustainable and programmatically exciting theatre seasons, and 2) Develop and implement a donor retention program.","2016","2 years","www.srtp.org" "Illinois Humanities Council","20000","IL","Culture","Creativity","For expansion and continuation of our Elective Studies series of master classes and programs that aid artists, curators, and arts educators in skill-building.","2016","1 year","www.prairie.org" "South Side Community Art Center","50000","IL","Culture","Capacity Building","For support to cover the annual salary for the Center's first Development Director.","2016","1 year","www.sscartcenter.org" "United States Artists Inc.","60000","IL","Culture","Creativity","To support a 'JOYCE Artist Award' in 2017 for an artist of color from the Great Lakes region.","2016","1 year","www.unitedstatesartists.org" "Woman Made Gallery","20000","IL","Culture","Access","For support of the salary of Gallery's first African American executive director.","2016","1 year","www.womanmade.org" "Healthcare Career Advancement Program Education Association","300000","NY","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To support a joint initiative with the Center on Wisconsin Strategy to advance policy, partnerships and practice in health care workforce development, especially in the context of labor-management partnerships and with a focus on low-wage/entry-level work.","2015","2 years","http://www.h-cap.org/" "The Manufacturing Institute","135000","DC","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","For continued work promoting use of national skills credentials in the manufacturing sector.","2014","1 year","http://www.nam.org" "Jobs for the Future","250000","MA","Employment","Foundational Skills","To support the dissemination of findings from the Accelerating Opportunity research demonstration project.","2014","3 years","http://www.jff.org" "Chicago Jobs Council","200000","IL","Employment","Foundational Skills","For continued advocacy and technical support for initiatives to integrate workforce development programs with both adult basic education services and economic development strategy across Illinois.","2014","1 year","http://www.cjc.net" "German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc.","300000","IL","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To develop best practices in expanding the German model of dual education for vocational training in the Great Lakes region.","2014","2 years","http://www.gaccom.org" "Center for Law and Social Policy","500000","DC","Employment","Foundational Skills","To support the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways and federal policy work aimed at increasing valuable educational opportunities for low-income adult workers.","2014","20 months","http://www.clasp.org" "Women Employed Institute","500000","IL","Employment","Foundational Skills","For policy advocacy and for system reform efforts to ensure that low-income, low-skilled adults can obtain postsecondary credentials with economic value.","2014","2 years","http://www.womenemployed.org" "Skills For Chicagoland's Future","150000","IL","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To support evaluation activities and sharing of lessons learned.","2014","1 year","http://www.skillsforchicagolandsfuture.com/" "Council for Adult and Experiential Learning","360000","IL","Employment","Other","For outreach to employers to build partnerships for the LearningCounts service, and for a partnership with a behavioral science firm to increase the effectiveness of LearningCounts in serving low-skilled adults.","2014","2 years","http://www.cael.org/" "Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce","400000","DC","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","To conduct research and to provide technical assistance to state government officials on effective use of data systems for aligning the education and workforce development systems, and making data-informed investments.","2014","2 years","cew.georgetown.edu" "National Skills Coalition","850000","DC","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","To support federal workforce policy advocacy; technical assistance to state workforce reform coalitions and policymakers; and national initiatives such as Business Leaders United and the Workforce Data Quality Campaign.","2014","2 years","http://www.workforcealliance.org" "Jobs for the Future","310000","MA","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","For continued management of the Congressional Staff Network for Workforce Development and Economic Security.","2014","2 years","http://www.jff.org" "Innovate+Educate","500000","NM","Employment","Foundational Skills","To launch and evaluate a skill-based hiring effort in Northeast Ohio.","2014","2 years","http://www.Innovate-educate.org" "Education Growth Advisors","250000","CT","Employment","Foundational Skills","To produce a research report on the market for learning technologies for adults.","2014","1 year","http://www.edgrowthadvisors.com" "Brandon Roberts + Associates","475000","MD","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","For continued funding of the Working Poor Families Project.","2014","2 years","http://www.brandonrobertsassociates.com" "ACT Foundation","600000","TX","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","For continued management of the National Network of Business and Industry Associations.","2014","2 years","http://www.act.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","300000","DC","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","For continued support for Skills for America's Future.","2014","2 years","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies","450000","DC","Employment","Foundational Skills","To provide support to sites testing technologies for adult learning as part of a previously approved grant to SRI International.","2014","18 months","http://www.digitalpromise.org" "Indiana Community Action Association","200000","IN","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","For continued support of the Indiana Institute for Working Families and its Skills2Compete campaign.","2014","2 years","http://www.incap.org" "LeadersUp","125000","WA","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To the support the Chicago-launch and national activities around the Future at Work initiative.","2014","1 year","http://www.LeadersUp.org" "Center for American Progress","100000","DC","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To support analysis, development, and promotion of policies to support apprenticeships.","2014","17 months","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Chicago Jobs Council","225000","IL","Employment","Other","To provide more and better opportunities for disadvantaged adults to develop valuable skills and get employed.","2015","2 years","http://www.cjc.net" "New America Foundation","300000","DC","Employment","Other","To support the Center on Education and Skills for a New America.","2015","2 years","http://www.newamerica.net" "The Saint Paul Foundation","300000","MN","Employment","Other","For continued support of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Workforce Innovation Network (MSPWin) workforce funders collaborative.","2015","2 years","http://saintpaulfoundation.org" "Chicago Community Foundation","400000","IL","Employment","Other","For continued support of the Chicagoland Workforce Funders Alliance.","2015","2 years","http://www.chicagoworkforcefunders.org" "Jobs for the Future","600000","MA","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","For continued support of the CareerSTAT initiative.","2015","2 years","http://www.jff.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","1000000","DC","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","For the continued support of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.","2015","2 years","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Foundation (CICP)","200000","IN","Employment","Other","To develop a workforce development initiative to create stronger alignment between the supply of skilled talent and demand from employers in Central Indiana.","2015","1 year","http://cicpindiana.com/" "LeadersUp","100000","WA","Employment","Other","For continued support of its Future at Work Initiative in Chicago, which is aimed at engaging employer partners to hire and retain more young people who are neither in school nor employed.","2015","1 year","http://www.LeadersUp.org" "Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management","200000","OH","Employment","Other","To conduct a research study on the return on investment for U.S. employers involved in Registered Apprenticeship programs.","2015","1 year","https://weatherhead.case.edu/" "National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies","325000","DC","Employment","Other","To promote and support the creation and effective adoption of digital learning tools to help adults acquire essential basic skills.","2015","1 year","http://www.digitalpromise.org" "German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc.","125000","IL","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","For a continued effort to scale the German dual education model in the Great Lakes region","2016","1 year","http://www.gaccom.org" "SRI International","1100000","CA","Employment","Foundational Skills","For an evaluation of the effectiveness of technology-enabled learning strategies to promote basic skill development for adults.","2014","2 years","http://www.sri.com" "Central Indiana Corporate Partnership Foundation (CICP)","400000","IN","Employment","Industry Workforce Partnerships","To establish and execute the Central Indiana Workforce Development Initiative, intended to create stronger alignment between the supply of skilled talent and demand from employers in Central Indiana.","2016","2 years","http://cicpindiana.com/" "Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce","400000","DC","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","To conduct research and to provide technical assistance to state government officials on effective use of data systems for aligning the education and workforce development systems, and making data-informed investments.","2016","2 years","cew.georgetown.edu" "Jobs for the Future","350000","MA","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","For continued management of the Congressional Staff Network for Workforce Development and Economic Security.","2016","2 years","www.jff.org" "National Skills Coalition","850000","DC","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","To support federal workforce policy advocacy; technical assistance to state workforce reform coalitions and policy makers; and national initiatives such as Business Leaders United and the Workforce Data Quality Campaign.","2016","2 years","www.workforcealliance.org" "New Venture Fund","500000","DC","Employment","Foundational Skills","To operate a donor collaborative focused on employment technology.","2016","2 years","www.newventurefund.org" "New Venture Fund","250000","DC","Employment","Foundational Skills","To launch and manage an Illinois Digital Learning Lab.","2016","2 years","www.newventurefund.org" "The Franklin And Eleanor Roosevelt Institute","50000","NY","Employment","Cross-Cutting Data and Policy","To support the Universal Income Project.","2016","1 year","http://www.rooseveltcampusnetwork.org" "Women Employed Institute","200000","IL","Employment","Foundational Skills","For policy advocacy and system reform efforts to ensure that low-income, low-skilled adults in Illinois can access quality education and training leading to economic opportunity.","2016","1 year","www.womenemployed.org" "American College of Preventive Medicine","225280","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To continue efforts to build support for the National Violent Death Reporting System program.","2014","1 year","http://www.acpm.org" "American College of Preventive Medicine","214960","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To continue efforts to build support for the National Violent Death Reporting System.","2015","1 year","http://www.acpm.org" "American College of Preventive Medicine","220000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To continue efforts to build support for the National Violent Death Reporting System.","2016","1 year","http://www.acpm.org" "Amnesty International USA","25000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To develop an issue advocacy campaign around gun violence as a human rights issue.","2015","6 months","http://www.amnestyusa.org" "Arms with Ethics","40000","FL","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support the Responsible Gun Vendor Initiative.","2015","6 months","http://www.armswithethics.org/" "Arms with Ethics","50000","FL","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To develop local gun violence prevention pilot projects with law enforcement agencies in strategic communities.","2016","1 year","http://www.armswithethics.org/" "Association of Prosecuting Attorneys","50000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support the national coalition.","2015","9 months","http://www.APAInc.org" "Association of Prosecuting Attorneys","50000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support the efforts of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence.","2016","9 months","http://www.APAInc.org" "Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus","37500","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For its Great Lakes project.","2015","1 year","http://www.gunfreekids.org" "Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus","30000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For a college faculty outreach project in the Great Lakes region.","2016","1 year","www.gunfreekids.org" "Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund","300000","PA","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For a statewide campaign to build support for stronger gun violence prevention policies in Pennsylvania.","2015","1 year","http://www.CeaseFirePa.org" "Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund","270000","PA","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For gun violence prevention advocacy and organizing in Pennsylvania.","2016","1 year","http://www.CeaseFirePa.org" "Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund","325000","PA","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support public engagement and policy education work.","2014","1 year","http://www.CeaseFirePa.org" "Center for American Progress","450000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For policy and advocacy work on gun violence prevention.","2014","1 year","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Center for American Progress","400000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For gun law reform policy development, advocacy, and state organizing.","2015","1 year","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Center for American Progress","50000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support Generation Progress' youth-focused policy and advocacy work on gun violence prevention.","2015","1 year","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Center for American Progress","400000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","State policy reform","For efforts to advance commonsense gun law reform.","2016","1 year","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Center for American Progress","60000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support Generation Progress' youth-focused policy and advocacy work on gun violence prevention.","2016","9 months","www.americanprogress.org" "Children's Hospital Boston","100000","MA","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","For creation of a public-facing interactive information resource providing real-time information on gun ownership and gun-related violence.","2014","1 year","http://www.childrenshospital.org/" "Children's Hospital Boston","100000","MA","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To complete a public-facing interactive resource providing real-time information on gun ownership and gun-related violence.","2015","1 year","http://www.childrenshospital.org/" "City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor","50000","IL","Gun Violence Prevention","State policy reform","To support the City's efforts to reduce gun crime in Chicago and build support for commonsense laws at the local, state and federal level.","2014","1 year","http://www.cityofchicago.org" "City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor","75000","IL","Gun Violence Prevention","State policy reform","To support the City's comprehensive strategy to combat gun trafficking and gun violence in Chicago.","2015","6 months","http://www.cityofchicago.org" "City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor","100000","IL","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support the City's efforts to reduce gun crime in Chicago and build support for commonsense laws at the local, state and federal level.","2014","1 year","http://www.cityofchicago.org" "City of Milwaukee","190000","WI","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","For a research study of the characteristics of victims and suspects of firearm violence in Milwaukee.","2014","18 months","http://city.milwaukee.gov/home" "City of Minneapolis Police Department","30000","MN","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For a community engagement initiative to reduce gun violence.","2014","1 year","http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police" "City of Minneapolis Police Department","30000","MN","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For a project to address youth gun violence through enhanced community engagement.","2015","1 year","http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police" "ColorOfChange.org Education Fund","75000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support a gun policy accountability project.","2015","1 year","http://www.colorofchange.org/" "Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence","194464","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For continued work to advance risk-based firearms policies, and to develop model policy on removal of firearms from prohibited persons.","2015","1 year","http://www.gunfree.org" "Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence","175000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For continued work to advance risk-based firearms policies and implement model policies on removal of firearms from prohibited persons.","2016","1 year","http://www.gunfree.org" "Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence","170000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For policy advocacy to prevent at-risk persons from accessing firearms, to organize survivors of gun violence, and to develop a plan to use municipal buying power as a strategy for influencing the gun industry.","2014","1 year","http://www.gunfree.org" "Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund","350000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support three educational campaigns targeting gun owners, grassroots supporters, and college/university communities.","2014","1 year","http://www.everytown.org" "Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence","250000","IL","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For programs and outreach to reduce gun violence throughout Illinois.","2014","1 year","http://ichv.org/" "Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence","250000","IL","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For policy education and advocacy to reduce gun violence in Illinois.","2015","1 year","http://ichv.org/" "ISAIAH","68000","MN","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support a faith-based gun violence prevention organizing project in Minnesota.","2014","6 months","http://www.ISAIAHMN.org" "Johns Hopkins University","357000","MD","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To evaluate the impact of mandatory background check and record-keeping laws in Pennsylvania and Maryland.","2015","3 years","http://www.jhsph.edu/gunpolicy/" "Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Inc.","125000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support the next phase of work on the Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence project.","2016","1 year","www.jointcenter.org" "Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence","300000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support legal and educational programs to reduce gun violence.","2015","1 year","http://www.smartgunlaws.org" "Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence","330000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For legal and technical assistance for state and local gun violence prevention efforts, convening the Second Amendment Litigation conference, and educating the public about gun violence and regulation.","2014","1 year","http://www.smartgunlaws.org" "Michigan State University","314000","MI","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To support its School of Criminal Justice to evaluate the impact and enforcement of domestic violence firearm restrictions.","2015","3 years","https://msu.edu/" "MomsRising Education Fund","50000","WA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To continue its gun safety project.","2014","1 year","http://www.MomsRising.org" "MomsRising Education Fund","45000","WA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For its gun safety program.","2016","1 year","http://www.MomsRising.org" "National Physicians Alliance Foundation, Inc.","50000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To educate and engage physicians for gun violence prevention.","2014","1 year","http://www.npalliance.org" "New Venture Fund","75000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support a gun safety media watchdog project.","2015","1 year","http://www.newventurefund.org" "New Venture Fund","66000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To educate and engage campus leaders on the dangers of policies allowing guns on college campuses.","2014","1 year","http://www.newventurefund.org" "New Venture Fund","55000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support an initiative to educate and engage law enforcement and local government officials on gun retailer best practices to reduce gun violence.","2014","1 year","http://www.newventurefund.org" "New Venture Fund","150000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Innovation/Opportunity Grants","To support a media watchdog project on gun violence and gun safety issues.","2014","1 year","http://www.newventurefund.org" "New Venture Fund","923000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support a pilot state campaign to educate conflicted voters and gun owners about the need for stronger gun policies.","2014","1 year","http://www.newventurefund.org" "New Venture Fund","100000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Innovation/Opportunity Grants","To support a new gun violence prevention collaborative.","2016","6 months","http://www.newventurefund.org" "Northeastern University College of Criminal Justice","540000","MA","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","For research on preventing firearm violence.","2016","2 years","http://www.cj.new.edu" "PICO National Network","150000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For the Live Free campaign to reduce gun violence and create more opportunities for youth in urban neighborhoods.","2015","1 year","http://www.piconetwork.org" "PICO National Network","175000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To mobilize faith-based, diverse communities for gun violence prevention.","2014","1 year","http://www.piconetwork.org" "PICO National Network","150000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support the Live Free Gun Violence Initiative.","2016","1 year","http://www.piconetwork.org" "Police Executive Research Forum","143000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For a project on implementation of state background check laws.","2016","1 year","http://www.PoliceForum.org" "President and Fellows of Harvard College","480000","MA","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","For research on preventing firearm violence.","2014","18 months","http://www.harvard.edu/" "Protect Minnesota","67000","MN","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support gun violence prevention organizing in Minnesota.","2014","7 months","http://www.protectmn.org/" "Protect Minnesota","35000","MN","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For managing its organizational transition.","2014","3 months","http://www.protectmn.org/" "Regents of the University of Colorado","13000","CO","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To evaluate lethal means counseling programs for suicidal patients treated in hospital emergency departments.","2015","8 months","http://www.cu.edu/regents/" "States United to Prevent Gun Violence","58000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support shared resources for state-based gun violence prevention groups.","2014","1 year","http://www.ceasefireusa.org/" "States United to Prevent Gun Violence","50000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","For technical, communications, and policy support to state gun violence prevention groups.","2015","1 year","http://www.ceasefireusa.org/" "States United to Prevent Gun Violence","45000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support shared communications software and digital and technical support to state groups.","2016","1 year","http://www.ceasefireusa.org/" "The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)","25000","VA","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support two programs by and for NOBLE members around gun violence, policing, and mass incarceration in impacted communities.","2015","1 year","http://www.noblenational.org" "The Police Foundation","175000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","To support gun violence prevention initiatives.","2015","1 year","http://www.policefoundation.org" "The Police Foundation","150000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Stakeholder Engagement","For continued support of the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence.","2014","1 year","http://www.policefoundation.org" "The Regents of the University of California","107000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","For a research project to evaluate the effects of comprehensive background check policies.","2014","1 year","http://www.research.ucdavis.edu" "The Regents of the University of California","400000","CA","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To evaluate the effects of background check polices.","2015","3 years","http://www.research.ucdavis.edu" "Violence Policy Center","250000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To support research, public education, communications, advocacy, and coalition efforts in support of effective gun violence prevention policies.","2014","1 year","http://www.vpc.org" "Violence Policy Center","250000","DC","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","For research, public education, communications, and advocacy in support of effective gun violence prevention policies in the Midwest and across the nation.","2015","1 year","http://www.vpc.org" "WAVE Educational Fund","330000","WI","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support the Wisconsin Gun Violence Prevention Project.","2014","1 year","http://www.waveedfund.com/" "WAVE Educational Fund","300000","WI","Gun Violence Prevention","Public Education","To support continued development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence in Wisconsin and across the country.","2016","1 year","http://www.waveedfund.com/" "William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice","475000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To support a fellowship to help shape Second Amendment constitutional jurisprudence and related legal strategies.","2014","2 years","http://www.brennancenter.org" "William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice","150000","NY","Gun Violence Prevention","Policy-Oriented Research","To support a Second Amendment fellowship.","2016","1 year","www.brennancenter.org" "TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund","233000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To build support voting rights restoration and build a strong pro-democracy coalition in Minnesota.","2014","27 months","http://www.takeactionminnesota.org" "Business and Professional People for the Public Interest","350000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To build organizational capacity and support the Illinois Voting Rights Collaborative and other coalition building efforts.","2014","2 years","http://www.bpichicago.org" "Minnesota Voice","350000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To build a grassroots base and pro-active agenda for important democracy reform work in Minnesota.","2014","27 months","UNAVAILABLE" "Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Chicago","150000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To support three critical components of AAAJ's vision: public education to limited English residents, youth civic engagement around political reform, and targeted community engagement.","2014","2 years","http://www.AAIChicago.org" "Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice","113000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","Civic Engagement of Minnesotans with criminal records.","2014","27 months","http://www.crimeandjustice.org" "Voices for Racial Justice","63000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","For building a strong statewide base and policy agenda for democracy reform in communities of color, and aligning this base with partners to advance strategic democracy reform in Minnesota.","2014","15 months","http://www.voicesforracialjustice.org" "Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation Inc.","100000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To engage Chicago youth in the Illinois Next Generation Leadership Agenda and develop the next generation of policy advocates through policy internships.","2014","2 years","http://www.mikvachallenge.org" "League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education Fund","140000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To advance democracy reform movement with coalition partners and fund an on-line curriculum/traveling exhibit on voting barriers.","2014","27 months","http://www.lwvmn.org" "Illinois Public Interest Research Group Education Fund","50000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To expand ILPIRG EF youth civic engagement program to campuses across Illinois.","2014","1 year","http://www.pirg.org" "The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group","175000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To building a pro-democracy movement in Minnesota.","2014","27 months","http://www.mpirg.porg" "The Bus Federation Civic Fund","150000","OR","Democracy","Elections Administration","For Chicago Votes' work around civic engagement and education among Chicago's Millennial Generation, and to build public support for political reform efforts.","2014","2 years","http://busfedcivic.org/" "Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights","150000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","For project support regarding a youth civic engagement program.","2014","2 years","http://www.icirr.org" "Prison Policy Initiative","50000","MA","Democracy","Electoral Systems","For technical assistance to state-based advocacy groups on reforming the counting of prison populations for redistricting.","2014","2 years","http://www.prisonpolicy.org" "New Venture Fund","25000","DC","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To support convenings of funders interested in civic engagement and democracy reforms in Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan.","2014","1 year","http://www.newventurefund.org" "Common Cause Education Fund","300000","DC","Democracy","Elections Administration","To build support for democracy reforms in the Great Lakes states.","2014","1 year","http://www.commoncause.org" "FairVote Minnesota Foundation","200000","MN","Democracy","Electoral Systems","For public education and coalition building to expand the use of ranked choice voting at the municipal level.","2014","2 years","http://www.fairvotemn.org" "League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund","150000","OH","Democracy","Fair Courts","Focusing on Judicial Reform and election Administration Reform.","2014","29 months","http://www.lwvohio.org" "State Voices","100000","MI","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To convene a multi-organization, multi-issue group and to develop a coordinated approach to strengthening democracy in Michigan.","2014","1 year","http://www.statevoices.org/" "Public Interest Projects Inc.","40000","NY","Democracy","Voting Rights","To support: 1) Gearing up a 2015 educational and organizing effort to prepare for 2020 Census and 2) Support for holding 2015 FCCP Spring Convening in Minneapolis, Minnesota.","2014","1 year","http://www.publicinterestprojects.org" "William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice","400000","NY","Democracy","Voting Rights","State-based national Democracy Program activities that support initiatives in the Great Lakes region.","2014","2 years","http://www.brennancenter.org" "Public Interest Projects Inc.","40000","NY","Democracy","Electoral Systems","The Shelby Response Fund: to convene civil rights groups, good government groups and other stakeholders to strengthen the protection of voting rights for minority voters.","2014","1 year","http://www.publicinterestprojects.org" "FairVote","92000","MD","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To support a communications project about how best to introduce different voting methods to the general public and to target changemakers, Midwest community leaders and members of charter commission and legislatures.","2014","1 year","http://www.fairvote.org" "Street-Level Youth Media","50000","IL","Democracy","Voting Rights","Street-Level plans to develop our NextGen Media Project into a yearlong youth civic engagement campaign in 2015.","2014","1 year","http://www.street-level.org" "Justice at Stake","400000","DC","Democracy","Fair Courts","To support an in-depth assessment of where each state stands in terms of judicial reform.","2014","2 years","http://www.justiceatstake.org" "Demos","50000","NY","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To support our work to address the outsized influence of money in politics.","2014","1 year","http://www.demos.org/" "Minnesota Council on Foundations","50000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To support advancement of our democracy policy commitment.","2014","2 years","http://www.mcf.org" "Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.","100000","DC","Democracy","Elections Administration","To support continued work on redistricting and modernizing election administration in Ohio.","2014","1 year","http://bipartisanpolicy.org/" "American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc.","50000","NY","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To support additional research using the efficiency gap in Wisconsin.","2014","1 year","http://www.aclu.org/" "Proteus Fund Inc.","100000","MA","Democracy","Fair Courts","To develop and train partner organizations on a common set of broad pro-democracy messages.","2015","1 year","http://www.proteusfund.org" "League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Inc","120000","WI","Democracy","Elections Administration","For collaborative work to defend voting rights, prevent erosion of democratic structures, and work toward local government reforms.","2015","2 years","http://www.lwvwi.org" "Illinois Public Interest Research Group Education Fund","50000","IL","Democracy","Campaign Finance","To support for a campus-based public education and advocacy effort to advance campaign finance reform.","2015","9 months","http://www.pirg.org" "Wisconsin Voices","200000","WI","Democracy","Elections Administration","To implement its Our Democracy 2020 program to shape the issue environment on political reform, manage a collaboration with other nonpartisan organizations, and conduct an assessment of local jurisdictions for democracy-related issue campaigns.","2015","2 years","http://www.wisconsinvoices.org" "The Franklin And Eleanor Roosevelt Institute","65000","NY","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To lead a planning process with organizations involved with youth engagement on democracy issues in Illinois.","2015","1 year","http://www.rooseveltcampusnetwork.org" "Voices for Racial Justice","50000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To convene and train leaders of color on political reform issues, particularly campaign finance reform.","2015","1 year","http://www.voicesforracialjustice.org" "Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund","125000","CA","Democracy","Voting Rights","To conduct public education, community outreach, and litigation to improve minority representation at the local government level in Illinois.","2015","20 months","http://www.maldef.org/" "New Venture Fund","75000","DC","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To support convenings of funders interested in civic engagement and democracy reforms in Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan.","2015","3 years","http://www.newventurefund.org" "Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc.","125000","IL","Democracy","Voting Rights","For Civil Rights Under Law to conduct public education, community outreach, and litigation to improve minority representation at the local government level in Illinois.","2015","20 months","http://www.clccrul.org" "MapLight","75000","CA","Democracy","Campaign Finance","To support the Illinois expansion of Voter's Edge, an online portal that provides comprehensive, nonpartisan information about federal, state and local candidates, ballot measures, and judicial races.","2015","2 years","http://www.maplight.org" "Common Cause Education Fund","600000","DC","Democracy","Campaign Finance","For the launch of a 'State of Midwest Democracy' report as well as membership development and public education on state-based political reforms .","2015","2 years","http://www.commoncause.org" "Northwestern University","60000","IL","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To develop an online curriculum focused on democracy reforms at the state level.","2015","1 year","http://www.northwestern.edu" "Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc.","10000","IL","Democracy","Voting Rights","To support the executive director transition and strategic planning.","2015","6 months","http://www.clccrul.org" "Illinois Public Interest Research Group Education Fund","150000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To expand campus-based student chapters, mobilize support for election administration and campaign finance reforms, and build strong coalitions for political reform.","2016","2 years","http://www.pirg.org" "Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights","150000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To support work on increasing access to voting and reducing the influence of money in the electoral process.","2016","2 years","http://www.icirr.org" "Chicago Votes","150000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To educate young people in Illinois about political reform, provide intensive training to 50 youth fellows, and support coalition advocacy work on election administration and campaign finance reform.","2016","2 years","http://www.ChicagoVotes.com" "Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Chicago","150000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To support election administration advocacy, youth engagement, and coalition building.","2016","2 years","http://www.AAIChicago.org" "Proteus Fund Inc.","150000","MA","Democracy","Electoral Systems","For the Piper Fund's Collaborative Communications Initiative to increase the communications capacity of democracy reform groups in the Great Lakes region.","2016","2 years","http://www.proteusfund.org" "Demos","100000","NY","Democracy","Campaign Finance","To train and mentor leaders of color in the Great Lakes region to advocate for campaign finance and other pro-democracy reforms.","2016","2 years","http://www.demos.org/" "Hamline University of Minnesota","250000","MN","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To organize 'citizens' assemblies' in at least two Minnesota municipalities for the purposes of advancing reforms to local electoral systems.","2016","18 months","http://www.cgee.hamline.edu" "CHANGE Illinois!","300000","IL","Democracy","Elections Administration","To support coalition building, communications coordination, and strategic planning in Illinois.","2016","2 years","http://www.changeil.org/" "NEO Philanthropy Inc.","60000","NY","Democracy","Elections Administration","To support Civic Participation, a program to help the philanthropic sector prepare for the 2020 Census and to hold its 2016 annual convening in Minneapolis, Minnesota.","2015","2 years","http://www.theneodifference.org/home" "FairVote Minnesota Foundation","150000","MN","Democracy","Electoral Systems","For public education and coalition building to expand the use of ranked choice voting at the municipal level.","2016","2 years","www.fairvotemn.org" "Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers","220000","VA","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To engage and activate regional funders in ensuring a thorough and accurate census count in 2020.","2016","2 years","www.givingforum.org" "Headwaters Foundation for Justice","50000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To support a 'Giving Project' focused on democracy reforms and civic engagement.","2016","2 years","www.headwatersfoundation.org" "Jefferson Center","100000","MN","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To facilitate two to three deliberative democracy processes in Minnesota and create a best practice manual for future replication.","2016","18 months","http://jefferson-center.org/" "League of Women Voters Education Fund","60000","DC","Democracy","Voting Rights","For strategic planning and organizational development work that includes the Leagues in the Great Lakes states.","2016","1 year","www.lwv.org" "TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund","100000","MN","Democracy","Voting Rights","To build support for voting rights restoration in Minnesota.","2016","2 years","www.takeactionminnesota.org" "Minnesota Voice","250000","MN","Democracy","Elections Administration","To coordinate and support a multi-organizational, multi-issue movement for political reform in Minnesota.","2016","2 years","UNAVAILABLE" "New Venture Fund","50000","DC","Democracy","Electoral Systems","For its Redistricting Reform Project, an initiative to share strategies, resources and intelligence between funders and advocates for redistricting reform.","2016","2 years","www.newventurefund.org" "Northwestern University","50000","IL","Democracy","Electoral Systems","To support its program, Design for America, to develop a civic tech/online platform to support a deliberative democracy pilot project in Minnesota.","2016","1 year","www.northwestern.edu" "Prison Policy Initiative","70000","MA","Democracy","Electoral Systems","For technical assistance to policy and legal advocacy groups and on changing how prison populations are counted for redistricting.","2016","2 years","www.prisonpolicy.org" "The Franklin And Eleanor Roosevelt Institute","150000","NY","Democracy","Elections Administration","To build a coalition of Illinois-based grassroots and policy organizations to bring young people into the policy process and become invested in their government.","2016","18 months","http://www.rooseveltcampusnetwork.org" "State Voices","75000","MI","Democracy","Elections Administration","For its program Ohio Voices to coordinate and support a multi-organizational, multi-issue movement for political reform in Ohio.","2016","1 year","http://www.statevoices.org/" "Voices for Racial Justice","100000","MN","Democracy","Campaign Finance","To integrate a democracy framework into its racial justice programs and to build a strong statewide coalition for political reform.","2016","2 years","www.voicesforracialjustice.org" "Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Inc.","120000","WI","Democracy","Campaign Finance","For public education and coalition building on campaign finance, redistricting, voting rights, and an impartial judiciary.","2016","2 years","www.wisdc.org" "50CAN","200000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","For support of MinnCAN, its Minnesota chapter, to pursue an advocacy campaign that includes teacher quality reforms and support for replicating high-quality charter schools in the state.","2014","1 year","http://www.50can.org" "50CAN","400000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To support the work of the Minnesota chapter, MinnCAN, to pursue an advocacy campaign focused on teacher preparation and other teacher quality issues, and continue its teacher policy fellowship program.","2015","2 years","http://www.50can.org" "Advance Illinois","400000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To support its state policy advocacy and leadership in Illinois' education community.","2015","2 years","http://www.advanceillinois.org" "Advance Illinois","300000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To develop policies and systems to better align data collection, reporting and analysis; and engage stakeholders around using data to improve educator preparation in the state.","2015","1 year","http://www.advanceillinois.org" "Bellwether Education Partners","253000","MA","Education","Teacher Quality","To support expansion of its work on teacher pension reform issues through key policy reports, and to seed work on teacher preparation/licensure policy reform.","2014","1 year","http://www.bellwethereducation.org" "Center for American Progress","250000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To launch a national campaign to elevate the teaching profession, bringing diverse voices together to build momentum for policy change.","2015","2 years","http://www.americanprogress.org" "Center for Teaching Quality Inc.","50000","NC","Education","Teacher Quality","To build an Illinois teacher voice community and help a team of teacher leaders develop a policy report on transforming teacher development and to serve as a sort of 'kitchen cabinet' to IL State Superintendent of Ed. on educator-related policy issues.","2015","6 months","http://www.teachingquality.org" "Chalkbeat","150000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To support its Indiana chapter to cover education issues and to inform key debates and decisions that affect low-income children in the greater Indianapolis area.","2015","2 years","http://chalkbeat.org/" "Charter School Partners","100000","MN","Education","Innovation Grants","To support advocacy and outreach programs to increase the number of high-quality schools in Minneapolis.","2014","1 year","http://www.charterschoolpartners.org" "Consortium for Educational Change","75000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To launch a communications and engagement campaign to support implementation of PERA, the Illinois teacher evaluation system.","2015","18 months","http://www.cecillinois.org" "Council of Chief State School Officers","125000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To conduct a 50-state analysis of current teacher preparation program evaluation efforts and then assess the ability of states to collect data against a new set of more outcomes-based indicators.","2015","1 year","http://www.ccsso.org/" "Deans for Impact","100000","TX","Education","Teacher Quality","For policy advocacy and communications efforts around teacher preparation reform, and to launch a learning science pilot program at three institutions.","2015","1 year","http://www.deansforimpact.org/" "Deans for Impact","100000","TX","Education","Teacher Quality","For Impact for advocacy and communications efforts around teacher preparation reform, and to work with key states on policy changes.","2016","1 year","www.deansforimpact.org/" "Editorial Projects in Education","250000","MD","Education","Teacher Quality","To underwrite news coverage of education policies affecting the teaching profession in Education Week, on edweek.org, and in a special report for edweek.org's Education Week Teacher channel.","2015","2 years","http://www.edweek.org" "Education First Consulting","125000","WA","Education","Teacher Quality","To complete a landscape scan of partnerships between teacher preparation programs and school districts, and develop a readiness assessment of the potential for such partnerships in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis.","2015","6 months","http://education-first.com/" "Education First Consulting","350000","WA","Education","Teacher Quality","To facilitate partnerships between Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Chicago school districts and their feeder teacher preparation programs to help better align the teacher supply and demand pipeline, and to help ensure teachers are better prepared.","2016","1 year","http://education-first.com/" "Education First Consulting","196000","WA","Education","Teacher Quality","To build a learning network with our state policy advocates focused on boosting their knowledge of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, helping them understand the opportunities to influence state-level policy.","2016","1 year","http://education-first.com/" "Education Reform Now","150000","NY","Education","Innovation Grants","For continued funding to support its engagement of community and faith leaders, elected officials, and youth on issues related to the need for more high-quality school options in Chicago.","2014","1 year","http://www.edreformnow.org/" "Education Reform Now Inc","75000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To support its effort to engage community and faith leaders, elected officials, and youth on issues related to school choice and teacher quality in Chicago.","2015","1 year","http://www.dfer.org" "Education Writers Association","139000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To improve media coverage of Education policy issues by strengthening the capacity of journalists across the country, with a particular focus on Great Lakes region reporters.","2014","1 year","http://www.ewa.org" "Education Writers Association","275000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To build the capacity of journalists reporting on education issues, including teacher quality and college and career readiness, in the Great Lakes region.","2015","2 years","http://www.ewa.org" "Educators 4 Excellence","200000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To support efforts to drive student outcomes by engaging and mobilizing teachers and elevating their voices in local education policy conversations.","2014","1 year","http://www.Educators4Excellence.org" "Educators 4 Excellence","250000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To engage and mobilize teachers, and elevate their voices in local education policy conversations.","2015","1 year","http://www.Educators4Excellence.org" "IFF","125000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To determine the supply of-and demand for-high quality seats in Illinois' school districts, which will be used to inform the governor's office on a policy agenda to increase access to good schools.","2016","18 months","http://www.iff.org" "Illinois Network of Charter Schools","500000","IL","Education","Innovation Grants","To continue advocacy, policy development and communications efforts around ensuring the growth of high-quality charter schools in Illinois.","2015","2 years","http://www.incschools.org" "Indiana University","230000","IN","Education","Teacher Quality","To inform and guide implementation of teacher evaluation policy in Indiana.","2015","2 years","http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/cell" "Latino Policy Forum","500000","IL","Education","Kindergarten Readiness","To advocate for the development and successful implementation of policies to improve instruction and early literacy outcomes for dual-language learners in Illinois.","2014","2 years","http://www.latinopolicyforum.org" "Latino Policy Forum","500000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To advocate for successful implementation of strong teacher preparation policies, and ensure future education policies benefit English language learners.","2016","2 years","http://www.latinopolicyforum.org" "Leadership for Educational Equity Foundation","50000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To advance education reform in Chicago by providing leadership development to Teach for America alumni.","2015","1 year","http://www.Educationalequity.org" "Leading Educators Inc.","117000","LA","Education","Teacher Quality","To create a teacher leadership strategy and policy roadmap, and develop a statewide toolkit that other districts could use to craft teacher leadership programs.","2015","1 year","http://www.leadingeducators.org" "Minneapolis Foundation","100000","MN","Education","Teacher Quality","To support the Education Transformation Initiative's IFF Quality Schools Study for Minneapolis.","2014","1 year","http://www.MinneapolisFoundation.org" "Minnesota Comeback","100000","MN","Education","Teacher Quality","To support Minnesota Comeback in its efforts to craft-and begin implementing-a strategic vision to improve the educator talent pipeline in Minneapolis through the organization's Talent Implementation Team and Policy Team.","2015","1 year","http://mncomeback.org/" "National Association of Charter School Authorizers","100000","IL","Education","Innovation Grants","To advocate for policies to improve charter school accountability and strengthen authorizing practices in Indiana and Minnesota.","2014","1 year","http://www.qualitycharters.org" "National Association of Charter School Authorizers","75000","IL","Education","Innovation Grants","To prepare and release its second annual 50-state analysis of charter school authorizing laws.","2015","1 year","http://www.qualitycharters.org" "National Council on Teacher Quality","200000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To support research and production of the annual State Teacher Policy Yearbook and the 2015 State of the States report, which, this year, will spotlight policies on principal evaluations.","2014","1 year","http://www.nctq.org/" "National Council on Teacher Quality","400000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To support its work to strengthen and advance state teacher quality policies through the publication of its State Teacher Policy Yearbook and other policy reports.","2015","2 years","http://www.nctq.org/" "New America Foundation","225000","DC","Education","Kindergarten Readiness","To conduct a 50-state evaluation of key preK-3rd grade education policies that could help states ensure that all children are on track to reading on grade level by the end of third grade.","2014","18 months","http://www.newamerica.net" "New Schools for Chicago","200000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To help fund a community organizing and public affairs campaign to promote high-quality schools in every neighborhood.","2016","2 years","http://www.newschoolsnow.org/" "New Teacher Center","300000","CA","Education","Teacher Quality","To provide technical assistance to Chicago Public Schools to help develop a new vision for teacher development and convene other advocates to build support and advocacy for the plan.","2015","2 years","http://www.newteachercenter.org" "Ounce of Prevention Fund","500000","IL","Education","Kindergarten Readiness","To advance the early learning tools, policies, and systems needed to improve early literacy outcomes for students in grades preK-3 in Illinois.","2014","2 years","http://www.ounceofprevention.org" "Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc.","300000","MN","Education","Teacher Quality","To support a network of Midwest-based education advocacy organizations working to improve K-12 education through policy development and community organizing.","2015","2 years","http://www.pie-network.org/welcome" "Public Impact","250000","NC","Education","Teacher Quality","To support Opportunity Culture site expansion and policy analysis within local school districts and states, particularly in the Great Lakes.","2014","1 year","http://publicimpact.com/" "Public Impact","70000","NC","Education","Teacher Quality","To support policy development and planning to implement Opportunity Culture teacher leadership strategies in Indianapolis.","2015","1 year","http://publicimpact.com/" "Stand for Children Leadership Center","300000","OR","Education","Innovation Grants","To strengthen the young family engagement program, Stand University for Parents.","2014","1 year","http://www.stand.org" "Stand for Children Leadership Center","300000","OR","Education","Innovation Grants","To support parent empowerment programming and advocacy to improve teacher quality policies in Chicago and Indianapolis.","2015","1 year","http://www.stand.org" "Stand for Children Leadership Center","300000","OR","Education","Teacher Quality","To improve teacher preparation policies, support the successful implementation of teacher evaluation systems in Illinois and Indiana, and build community support for these reforms.","2016","1 year","http://www.stand.org" "Students for Education Reform","103000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing in Minnesota.","2014","1 year","http://www.studentsforedreform.org" "Students for Education Reform","50000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing in Minnesota.","2015","1 year","http://www.studentsforedreform.org" "Teach For America Inc.","100000","MN","Education","Teacher Quality","For its Twin Cities office to support the creation of Minnesota's first alternative licensure program in partnership with the University of Minnesota.","2014","2 years","http://www.teachforamerica.org" "Teach for America Inc.","100000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To support Leadership for Educational Equity's efforts to catalyze education reform by providing leadership development to Teach for America alumni.","2014","1 year","http://www.tra.org" "Teach Plus Incorporated","350000","MA","Education","Teacher Quality","To improve teacher quality policies in Indianapolis and Chicago.","2015","2 years","http://www.teach-plus.org" "Teach Plus Incorporated","150000","MA","Education","Teacher Quality","To train effective teachers from high-needs schools to advocate for policy reforms at the state level, specifically around education funding and the Every Student Succeeds Act.","2016","1 year","www.teach-plus.org" "The Aspen Institute Inc.","500000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To continue its national work to advance policies that strengthen teacher evaluation, development, and leadership.","2015","2 years","http://www.aspeninstitute.org" "The Chicago Public Education Fund","500000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To help Chicago Public Schools increase the number of high-quality principals, and develop case studies and policy recommendations from the Fund's teacher Summer Design Program.","2015","2 years","http://www.cpef.org/flash.htm" "The Education Trust","500000","DC","Education","Teacher Quality","To advance policies and promote practices at the federal, state, and district levels that give students with the greatest need access to the most effective teachers.","2015","2 years","http://www.edtrust.org" "The Joan Ganz Cooney Center","325000","NY","Education","Kindergarten Readiness","To lead a national initiative to map innovative, research-based early childhood technological tools aimed at family engagement and early literacy.","2015","18 months","http://www.joanganzcooneycenter.org" "The Mind Trust","200000","IN","Education","Innovation Grants","To support an Innovation School Fellowship that will help launch Innovation Network Schools in Indianapolis Public Schools.","2014","1 year","http://www.themindtrust.org" "The Mind Trust","100000","IN","Education","Teacher Quality","To advocate for changes to Indiana teacher preparation programs, with an emphasis on reforms at Indiana University's college of education.","2015","1 year","http://www.themindtrust.org" "The New Teacher Project Inc.","300000","NY","Education","Teacher Quality","To complete a diagnostic review of Indianapolis Public Schools' teacher development strategies and help them create a plan to improve professional learning policies.","2015","1 year","http://www.tntp.org" "The University of Chicago","300000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To continue its study of REACH, Chicago's teacher evaluation system.","2016","18 months","www.uchicago.edu" "The University of Chicago Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab","175000","IL","Education","Kindergarten Readiness","To conduct a randomized controlled trial to test a low-cost family engagement program that uses behavioral tools to reduce absenteeism in Head Start programs.","2015","18 months","https://biplab.uchicago.edu/" "The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research","200000","IL","Education","Teacher Quality","To research the differences and similarities among teacher preparation programs that feed Chicago Public Schools, with special focus on alternate certification and clinical experiences, to determine how well prepared candidates feel when they graduate.","2015","2 years","http://www.ccsr.uchicago.edu" "United Way of Central Indiana Inc.","150000","IN","Education","Teacher Quality","To lead a statewide coalition and launch a comprehensive advocacy campaign to increase state funding for high quality preschool in 2017.","2016","1 year","http://www.uwci.org/" "Center for Clean Air Policy","150000","DC","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To work with stakeholders in the Midwest to support adoption of cost-effective policies-both EPA guidance and state implementation plans.","2014","1 year","http://www.ccap.org" "Northeast-Midwest Institute","75000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Great Lakes Washington Program.","2014","1 year","http://www.nemw.org" "Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Inc.","250000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support work with cities in 2014-2016 to advance Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River protection and restoration efforts.","2014","2 years","http://www.glslcities.org/" "Environmental Defence Canada Inc.","50000","Ontario","Environment","Great Lakes","To support continued efforts on behalf of the Great Lakes.","2014","1 year","http://www.environmentaldefence.ca/" "Center for Neighborhood Technology","300000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","For continued support of advocacy protection for the Great Lakes, with particular emphasis on promoting the increased use of green infrastructure and new means of financing conventional infrastructure.","2014","2 years","http://www.cnt.org" "Metropolitan Planning Council","200000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Optimizing Stormwater Management Planning and Investment initiative.","2014","2 years","http://www.metroplanning.org" "Great Lakes Commission","400000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","For continued support of the Restoring the Natural Divide in the Chicago Area Waterway System project in partnership with the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative","2014","2 years","http://www.glc.org" "American Rivers Inc.","300000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","In support of efforts to promote policies and practices that reduce stormwater pollution in the Great Lakes.","2014","2 years","http://www.AmericanRivers.org" "The Next Generation","300000","CA","Environment","Building Public Will","To support Center for the Next Generation for Midwest research and outreach on financial risks associated with climate change as part of the national Risky Business initiative.","2014","1 year","http://thenextgeneration.org" "National Fish and Wildlife Foundation","100000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","Continued support of the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund.","2014","2 years","http://www.nfwf.org" "Clean Wisconsin Inc.","300000","WI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support state and regional efforts to advance energy efficiency policy and programs throughout Wisconsin and the region.","2014","2 years","http://www.cleanwisconsin.org" "Clean Wisconsin Inc.","600000","WI","Environment","Great Lakes","For continued support for the Great Lakes conservation and restoration campaign.","2014","2 years","http://www.cleanwisconsin.org" "National Wildlife Federation","480000","VA","Environment","Great Lakes","Support work to protect and restore the Great Lakes.","2014","2 years","http://www.nwf.org/" "Michigan Environmental Council","460000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","For continued support of four organizations: MEC, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, Michigan United Conservation Clubs and Michigan Trout Unlimited.","2014","2 years","http://www.mecprotects.org" "Alliance for the Great Lakes","400000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","A multifaceted approach to protecting and preserving the Great Lakes.","2014","2 years","http://www.greatlakes.org" "Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters","100000","WI","Environment","Great Lakes","To use the Academy's unique capacities as a nonpartisian science and cultural organization to advance sound water policay and stewardship in Wisconsin.","2014","2 years","http://www.wisconsinacademy.org/" "Global Philanthropy Partnership","55000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","Chicago Area Higher Education Retrofit Program, to improve energy efficiency practices on Chicago-area campusus.","2014","1 year","http://www.global-philanthropy.org" "Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities Inc","150000","MI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To promote energy efficiency investments and policies in Michigan.","2014","2 years","http://www.groundworkcenter.org/" "Environmental Defense Fund Inc.","600000","NY","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To advance clean energy initiatives in the Midwest, particularly in Illinois and Ohio.","2014","2 years","http://www.environmentaldefense.org" "Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.","850000","NY","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For its efforts to advance investments in energy efficiency throughout the Great Lakes region, including using efficiency to reduce power sector carbon pollution.","2014","2 years","http://www.nrdc.org" "Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development Inc.","500000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To work in four complementary areas over the next 2 years, aiming to further scale up energy efficiency (and combined heat & power), and to ensure that energy efficiency in its many forms is the first 'generation' option of choice in MN","2014","2 years","http://www.gpisd.net" "Fresh Energy","340000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support Midwest Energy News' game-changing journalistic coverage of the transition to a clean energy economy.","2014","19 months","http://www.fresh-energy.org" "Ohio Environmental Council","240000","OH","Environment","Energy Efficiency","I. Mitigate the Impacts of Senate Bill 310 on Ohio's Energy Efficiency Standards and Programs. II. Work with state regulators and administrators to incorporate energy efficiency.","2014","1 year","http://www.theoec.org" "Ecology Center Inc.","150000","MI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To build support for policies in Michigan to boost energy efficiency and cut emissions of carbon pollution from the state's electric power sector.","2014","1 year","http://www.ecocenter.org" "Council of Michigan Foundations Inc.","25000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Great Lakes Funders Collaboration.","2014","1 year","http://www.michiganfoundations.org" "Resource Media","100000","CA","Environment","Great Lakes","To generate media attention around toxic algae.","2014","1 year","http://www.resource-media.org/" "Fresh Energy","270000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","Continued support to protect and expand energy efficiency policies in Minnesota.","2014","27 months","http://www.fresh-energy.org" "Illinois Environmental Council Education Fund","180000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","Continued support of energy efficiency and carbon pollution reduction education and organizing efforts.","2014","2 years","http://www.ilenviro.org/" "Council of State Governments","150000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus.","2015","2 years","http://www.csgmidwest.org" "Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust","400000","WI","Environment","Great Lakes","For its project to achieve clean water in the Great Milwaukee watersheds","2015","1 year","http://www.swwtwater.org/" "Great Lakes Commission","50000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","To support its work related to nutrient pollution and toxic algal outbreaks on Lake Erie.","2014","1 year","http://www.glc.org" "The Nature Conservancy","500000","IN","Environment","Great Lakes","To support it Western Lake Erie Basin project and its work to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes region.","2015","2 years","http://www.nature.org/indiana" "Alliance for the Great Lakes","300000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support a coordinated campaign to stop Asian carp and other aquatic invasive species from entering the Great Lakes.","2015","2 years","http://www.greatlakes.org" "Northeast-Midwest Institute","75000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Northeast-Midwest Institute Great Lakes Washington Program (GLWP) including the Great Lakes Congressional Task Forces.","2015","1 year","http://www.nemw.org" "National Parks Conservation Association","325000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Healing Our Waters Coalition.","2015","1 year","http://www.npca.org" "Ohio State University Foundation","100000","OH","Environment","Great Lakes","To support Ohio Sea Grant.","2015","2 years","http://www.ohioseagrant.osu.edu" "Environmental Defense Fund Inc.","600000","NY","Environment","Great Lakes","To support its continued efforts to improve water quality in Western Lake Erie Basin.","2015","2 years","http://www.environmentaldefense.org" "Minnesota Environmental Partnership","300000","MN","Environment","Great Lakes","To protect and restore the natural environment of Minnesota.","2015","2 years","http://www.mepartnership.org/" "National Caucus of Environmental Legislators","125000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","The project will recruit and educate legislators about environmental issues impacting the Great Lakes.","2015","1 year","http://www.ncel.net" "The University of Chicago","225000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To improve state implementation of the Clean Power Plan in the Great Lakes Region.","2015","3 years","http://www.uchicago.edu" "Faith in Place","110000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support energy efficiency and carbon pollution policy outreach.","2015","15 months","http://www.faithinplace.org" "Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance","300000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support its Regional Policy Program-Advocating for Energy Efficiency in the Midwest.","2015","1 year","http://www.mwalliance.org" "Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.","250000","DC","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To continue support of the Midcontinent States Environmental and Energy Regulators Group.","2015","1 year","http://bipartisanpolicy.org/" "Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources","275000","MT","Environment","Great Lakes","To advance public awareness and understanding of complex natural resource issues that impact the Great Lakes region, and to serve the professional needs of journalists who report on Great Lakes issues.","2015","2 years","http://www.ijnr.org" "Conservation Minnesota","200000","MN","Environment","Building Public Will","To organize, train, and activate community engagement teams in 25 key communities across Greater Minnesota to build support for strong environmental policies in the state","2015","2 years","http://www.conservationminnesota.org" "Freshwater Future","150000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","To support their Bi-national Organizing on Great Lakes Issues project.","2015","2 years","http://www.freshwaterfuture.org" "Ohio Environmental Council","310000","OH","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To continue support of its efforts to leverage state policy to increase energy efficiency in Ohio; and to protect, conserve, and restore Ohio's portion of the Lake Erie basin.","2015","1 year","http://www.theoec.org" "Michigan Environmental Council","200000","MI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support the 'Eliminating Waste: Making Efficiency Michigan's Top Energy Priority' project","2015","1 year","http://www.mecprotects.org" "Union of Concerned Scientists Inc.","250000","MA","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support the Powering Ahead the Midwest project.","2015","2 years","ww.ucsusa.org" "Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.","300000","NY","Environment","Great Lakes","To provide renewed support to protect and improve the health of the Great Lakes Ecosystem.","2015","2 years","http://www.nrdc.org" "Environmental Defence Canada Inc.","50000","Ontario","Environment","Great Lakes","To support continued efforts to improve the health of the Great Lakes.","2015","1 year","http://www.environmentaldefence.ca/" "Michigan United Conservation Clubs","100000","MI","Environment","Building Public Will","To support its partnership with other leading conservation organizations in Michigan to organize, engage and activate diverse natural resource user groups to build public will for environmental protection.","2015","1 year","http://www.mucc.org/" "Fresh Energy","450000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To continue support of Midwest Energy News.","2015","2 years","http://www.fresh-energy.org" "Council of Michigan Foundations Inc.","324000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Great Lakes Funders Collaboration and a partnership with the Michigan governor's office on invasive species.","2015","2 years","http://www.michiganfoundations.org" "Clean Energy Trust","300000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support the Midwest clean energy jobs study .","2015","1 year","http://www.cleanenergytrust.org" "Center for Clean Air Policy","200000","DC","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support their Midwest program and on-the-ground efforts in Minnesota.","2015","14 months","http://www.ccap.org" "Elevate Energy","200000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support the Utility 2.0 Stakeholder Project.","2015","1 year","http://www.elevateenergy.org/" "Northeast-Midwest Institute","75000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the work of the NEMWIs Great Lakes Washington Program (GLWP).","2016","1 year","http://www.nemw.org" "Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Inc.","250000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support its Water Program.","2016","2 years","http://www.glslcities.org/" "Center for Neighborhood Technology","250000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support RainReady, an innovative approach to implementing and scaling cost-effective green infrastructure in the Chicago region.","2016","2 years","http://www.cnt.org" "Metropolitan Planning Council","250000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support 'Optimized Water Management and Planning'.","2016","2 years","http://www.metroplanning.org" "National Parks Conservation Association","600000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To support the Healing Our Waters Coalition and expand the Coalition's communications capacity","2016","2 years","http://www.npca.org" "National Fish and Wildlife Foundation","100000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To continue support of the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund.","2016","2 years","http://www.nfwf.org" "National Caucus of Environmental Legislators","75000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To support support the Midwest Environmental Legislators Project.","2016","1 year","http://www.ncel.net" "CUB Consumer Education and Research Fund","150000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For Rethinking the Grid: Reforming Utility Business Models to Advance Clean Energy Resources in the Midwest.","2015","1 year","cuboard.org" "Global Philanthropy Partnership","25000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support the High Impact C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group collaboration in Chicago ( 6 mos).","2015","6 months","http://www.global-philanthropy.org" "American Rivers Inc.","25000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To reduce stormwater pollution in the Western Lake Erie basin.","2016","1 year","http://www.AmericanRivers.org" "Great Lakes Commission","425000","MI","Environment","Great Lakes","To support (1) efforts to prevent invasive species from moving through the Chicago Area Waterways, (2) the Blue Accounting Source Water Initiative, and (3) a regional symposium on the risks associated with crude oil shipments in the Great Lakes.","2016","2 years","http://www.glc.org" "Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust","800000","WI","Environment","Great Lakes","To support efforts to achieve clean water in the Greater Milwaukee Watersheds. Less funding is recommended than requested to encourage SWWT to expand its funding base and to conserve budget","2016","2 years","http://www.swwtwater.org/" "Ceres Inc.","350000","MA","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To mobilize business leaders and investors to spur the transition to clean energy in the Midwest.","2016","2 years","http://www.ceres.org" "Ecology Center Inc.","240000","MI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To advancing energy efficiency in Michigan through stakeholder engagement and decision maker education.","2016","18 months","http://www.ecocenter.org" "Minneapolis Foundation","200000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To continue support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy collaborative, including its energy efficiency working group and energy efficiency rapid response fund.","2016","1 year","http://www.MinneapolisFoundation.org" "Georgetown University","150000","DC","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support the Georgetown Climate Center's work with Midwest states regarding implementation of the federal Clean Power Plan.","2016","2 years","http://www.georgetown.edu" "Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund","275000","MI","Environment","Building Public Will","To support polling, focus groups, and message development for use in the campaign to stop harmful algal blooms in the Western Lake Erie basin","2015","1 year","http://www.michiganlcvedfund.org" "Rockefeller Family Fund","350000","NY","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For continued support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy collaborative, including its energy efficiency working group and a new energy efficiency rapid response fund.","2014","2 years"," " "US Water Alliance","50000","DC","Environment","Great Lakes","To develop a policy framework for a new statewide (or multi-state) entity that could raise funds and invest them in strategic, large-scale projects to address nutrients pollution and other water quality issues impacting Americas waterways.","2016","1 year","http://uswateralliance.org/" "Alliance for the Great Lakes","400000","IL","Environment","Great Lakes","To support its efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes.","2016","2 years","www.greatlakes.org" "Clean Wisconsin Inc.","600000","WI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support its efforts to advance clean energy policy and protect the Great Lakes.","2016","2 years","www.cleanwisconsin.org" "Faith in Place","120000","IL","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For energy efficiency and carbon pollution policy outreach.","2016","1 year","www.faithinplace.org" "Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development Inc.","640000","MN","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To accelerate adoption of energy efficiency and reduce carbon pollution through policy interventions in Minnesota and regionally in the Midwest.","2016","2 years","www.gpisd.net" "Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities Inc","120000","MI","Environment","Building Public Will","To support its partnership with other leading conservation groups in Michigan to engage business allies to protect the Great Lakes.","2016","2 years","http://www.groundworkcenter.org/" "League of Conservation Voters Education Fund","225000","DC","Environment","Building Public Will","For the Invest in the Midwest Project to strengthen the outreach and advocacy capacities of state environmental policy advocates in the region.","2016","1 year","www.lcvedfund.org" "Michigan Environmental Council","1000000","MI","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To support its efforts to advance clean energy policy in Michigan and protect the Great Lakes.","2016","30 months","www.mecprotects.org" "Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.","250000","DC","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For continued support of the Midcontinent States Environmental and Energy Regulators group.","2016","1 year","http://bipartisanpolicy.org/" "National Wildlife Federation","480000","VA","Environment","Great Lakes","To support its efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes.","2016","2 years","www.nwf.org/" "Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.","800000","NY","Environment","Energy Efficiency","To advance investments in energy efficiency and build a clean energy economy in the Great Lakes region.","2016","2 years","www.nrdc.org" "Ohio Environmental Council","660000","OH","Environment","Energy Efficiency","For continued support of its efforts to leverage state policy to increase energy efficiency in Ohio; and to protect, conserve, and restore Ohio's portion of the Lake Erie basin.","2016","2 years","www.theoec.org"