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How Diverse Are Environmental Organizations?


The makeup of the American population is changing, but environmental organizations have not grown and reflected the nation’s shifting demographics. More than 37 percent of the US population is an ethnic or racial minority, but less than 13 percent of leadership and recently hired staff of environmental organizations is an ethnic or racial minority. This disparity is even greater for organizations working to protect natural resources in the Great Lakes region where 6.6 percent of leadership and 9.2 percent of recently hired staff is a racial or ethnic minority.


How Can This Change Happen?

In order to remain relevant and successful, environmental organizations must evolve to look more like the communities in which they work.

This change may be difficult, but it is necessary. And, 85 percent of environmental groups say they are ready to see this change take place by including people of color and low-income individuals in their activities, staff and boards.


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