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Joyce Foundation Announces $14.4 Million in Grants


In December, over 70 grants totaling $14.4 million were approved by the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors to further address pressing economic and social challenges that influence the quality of lives. 


ART21 New York, NY $50,000 To support a Chicago-focused Art in the Twenty-First Century television show featuring Nick Cave and Theaster Gates (1 yr)

Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions Chicago, IL $25,000 For internal diversity work and support for participating artists of color in residencies and exhibitions (1 yr)

Arts & Business Council of Chicago Chicago, IL $35,000 to strengthen and diversify Chicago's cultural sector through its On BOARD and Business Volunteers for the Arts programs (1 yr)

Asian Improv aRts Midwest Chicago, IL $100,000 To support capacity building initiatives (2 yrs)

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History Detroit, MI $50,000 To commission new work from Charles McGee (1 yr)

Chicago Children's Museum Chicago, IL $50,000 To commission new work from visual artist Juan Angel Chávez. (1 yr)

City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Chicago, IL $50,000 For its Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events' Artist and Curatorial Residency Program in visual art.t (1 yr)

Congo Square Theatre Company Chicago, IL $50,000 For continued support of staff salaries (1 yr)

Independent Curators International New York, NY $35,000 For curatorial scholarships to curators of color to become part of the Independent Curators International cohort. (1 yr)

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, IL $50,000 To support the first major museum retrospective of African American contemporary artist, Kerry James Marshall (1yr)

National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture Chicago, IL $40,000 To support a season of exhibition programs (1 yr)

Penumbra Theatre Company, Inc. Saint Paul, MN $50,000 to commission new work from playwright Zakiyyah Alexander and composer Imani Uzuri. (1 yr)

Ragamala Music and Dance Theater Minneapolis, MN $50,000 To commission new work from dancers and choreographers Kyle Abraham and Aparna Ramaswamy (1 ys)

Sones de Mexico Ensemble Chicago, IL $35,000 To support staff salaries (1 yr)

threewalls Chicago, IL $15,000 To support the Northern Triangle exhibition (1 yr)



Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc. Chicago, IL $10,000 To support the executive director transition and strategic planning (6 mos)

NEO Philanthropy Inc. New York, NY $60,000 To support  Civic Participation, a program to help the philanthropic sector prepare for the 2020 Census and to hold its 2016 annual convening in Minneapolis, Minnesota (2 yrs)



50CAN Washington, DC $400,000 To support the work of the Minnesota chapter, MinnCAN, to pursue an advocacy campaign focused on teacher preparation and other teacher quality issues, and continue its teacher policy fellowship program. (2yrs)

Advance Illinois Chicago, IL $300,000 To develop policies and systems to better align data collection, reporting and analysis; and engage stakeholders around using data to improve educator preparation in the state. (1 yr)

The Aspen Institute Inc. Washington, DC $500,000 To continue its national work to advance policies that strengthen teacher evaluation, development and leadership. (2 yrs)

Center for Teaching Quality Inc. Carrboro, NC $50,000 To build an Illinois teacher voice community and help a team of teacher leaders develop a policy report on transforming teacher development and to serve as a sort of "kitchen cabinet" to IL State Superintendent of Ed. on educator-related policy issues (6 mos)

Chalkbeat New York, NY $150,000 To support its Indiana chapter to cover education issues and to inform key debates and decisions that affect low-income children in the greater Indianapolis area. (2 yrs)

The Chicago Public Education Fund Chicago, IL $500,000 To help Chicago Public Schools increase the number of high-quality principals, and develop case studies and policy recommendations from the Fund's teacher Summer Design Program. (2 yrs)

Editorial Projects in Education Bethesda, MD $250,000 To underwrite news coverage of education policies affecting the teaching profession in Education Week, on, and in a special report for's Education Week Teacher channel. (2 yrs)

Education Reform Now Inc Brooklyn, NY $75,000 To support its effort to engage community and faith leaders, elected officials, and youth on issues related to school choice and teacher quality in Chicago. (1 yr)

Educators 4 Excellence New York, NY $250,000 To engage and mobilize teachers, and elevate their voices in local education policy conversations. (1 yr)

Minnesota Comeback Minneapolis, MN $100,000 To support Minnesota Comeback in its efforts to craft-and begin implementing-a strategic vision to improve the educator talent pipeline in Minneapolis through the organization's Talent Implementation Team and Policy Team. (1 yr)

National Council on Teacher Quality Washington, DC $400,000 To support its work to strengthen and advance state teacher quality policies through the publication of its State Teacher Policy Yearbook and other policy reports. (2 yrs)

New Teacher Center Santa Cruz, CA $300,000 To provide technical assistance to Chicago Public Schools to help develop a new vision for teacher development and convene other advocates to build support and advocacy for the plan. (2 yrs)

The New Teacher Project Inc. Brooklyn, NY $300,000 To complete a diagnostic review of Indianapolis Public Schools' teacher development strategies and help them create a plan to improve professional learning policies. (1 yr)

Students for Education Reform New York, NY $50,000 To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing in Minnesota. (1 yr)

The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research Chicago, IL $200,000 To research the differences and similarities among teacher preparation programs that feed Chicago Public Schools, with special focus on alternate certification and clinical experiences, to determine how well prepared candidates feel when they graduate (2 yrs) 



Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Cleveland, OH $200,000 To conduct a research study on the return on investment for U.S. employers involved in Registered Apprenticeship programs. (1 yr)

LeadersUp Seattle, WA $100,000 For continued support of its Future at Work Initiative in Chicago, which is aimed at engaging employer partners to hire and retain more young people who are neither in school nor employed. (1 yr)

National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies Washington, DC $325,000 To promote and support the creation and effective adoption of digital learning tools to help adults acquire essential basic skills. (1 yr)



Center for Clean Air Policy Washington, DC $200,000 To support their Midwest program and on-the-ground efforts in Minnesota (14 mos)

Clean Energy Trust Chicago, IL $300,000 To support the Midwest clean energy jobs study .(1 yr)

Council of Michigan Foundations Inc. Grand Haven, MI $324,000 To support the Great Lakes Funders Collaboration and a partnership with the Michigan governor's office on invasive species. (2 yrs

CUB Consumer Education and Research Fund Chicago, IL $150,000 For Rethinking the Grid: Reforming Utility Business Models to Advance Clean Energy Resources in the Midwest. (1 yr)

Elevate Energy Chicago, IL $200,000 For the Utility 2.0 Stakeholder Project (1 yr)

Environmental Defence Canada Inc. Toronto, Ontario $50,000 To support continued efforts to improve the health of the Great Lakes. (1 yr)

Fresh Energy St. Paul, MN $450,000 For continued support of Midwest Energy News (2 yrs)

Global Philanthropy Partnership Chicago, IL $25,000 To support the High Impact C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group collaboration in Chicago (6 mos)

Michigan United Conservation Clubs Lansing, MI $100,000 To support its partnership with other leading conservation organizations in Michigan to organize, engage and activate diverse natural resource user groups to build public will for environmental protection. (1 yr)

Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. New York, NY $300,000 To provide renewed support to protect and improve the health of the Great Lakes Ecosystem (2 yrs)


Gun Violence Prevention

Amnesty International USA New York, NY $25,000 To develop an issue advocacy campaign around gun violence as a human rights issue (6 mos)

Children's Hospital Boston Boston, MA $100,000 To complete a public-facing interactive resource providing real-time information on gun ownership and gun-related violence (1 yr)

City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor Chicago, IL $75,000 To support the City's comprehensive strategy to combat gun trafficking and gun violence in Chicago (6 mos)

City of Minneapolis Police Department Minneapolis, MN $30,000 For a project to address youth gun violence through enhanced community engagement (1 yr) Education Fund Oakland, CA $75,000 To support a gun policy accountability project (1 yr)

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Chicago, IL $250,000 For policy education and advocacy to reduce gun violence in Illinois (1 yr)

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence San Francisco, CA $300,000 To support legal and educational programs to reduce gun violence (1 yr)

The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) Alexandria, VA $25,000 To support two programs by and for NOBLE members around gun violence, policing, and mass incarceration in impacted communities (1 yr)

New Venture Fund Washington, DC $75,000 To support a gun safety media watchdog project (1 yr)

The Police Foundation Washington, DC $175,000 To support gun violence prevention initiatives (1 yr)

Regents of the University of Colorado Denver, CO $13,000 To evaluate lethal means counseling programs for suicidal patients treated in hospital emergency departments (8 mos)

Violence Policy Center Washington, DC $250,000 For research, public education, communications, and advocacy in support of effective gun violence prevention policies in the Midwest and across the nation (1 yr)


Joint Fund

ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career Berkeley, CA $3,000,000 To lead Joyce's College and Career Pathways Initiative in four Great Lakes communities. (2 yrs)

Metropolitan Family Services Chicago, IL $250,000 To support MHA Labs' effort to launch the Great Lakes Workforce Improvement Network (2 yrs)

MIT Media Lab Cambridge, MA $700,000 To support the Media Lab's new Learning Initiative (3 yrs)

New Profit Inc. Boston, MA $250,000 To conduct the design phase of a prize competition to identify and reward the most effective programs for teaching personal success skills  (1 yr)

Northern Illinois University Chicago, IL $100,000 To support the Illinois 60 by 2025 Network-a partnership of Illinois communities working together to improve students' transition from high school to college and reach a goal of 60 percent of Illinois adults having a college credential by 2025. (1 yr)

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc. New York, NY $400,000 To understand whether the inter- and intra-personal skills developed by community college students in the ACE program translate into better workplace outcomes and the mechanisms by which might drive any improvement. (2 yrs)

Students for Education Reform New York, NY $50,000 To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing efforts in Minnesota.  (1 yr)

University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA $250,000 To design a series of research studies focused on the employment effects of interventions to develop personal success skills. (1 yr)


Special Opportunities

The Atlantic Monthly Group Inc. Washington, DC $150,000 To support a full-day forum in Washington, DC, on November 12 to study the issues at the intersection of mass incarceration, race, policing, and gun violence (3 mos)

Civic Consulting Alliance Chicago, IL $300,000 To provide strategic consulting to the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois in the areas of education, employment, public safety, and culture (2 yrs)

Civic Nation Washington, DC $100,000 To support its College Promise Campaign, an effort to help more students access and complete community college degrees (1 yr)

National Wildlife Federation Reston, VA $25,000 For digital tools in support of efforts related to the Waukesha Diversion application that is currently pending (1 yr)

Thrive Chicago Chicago, IL $100,000 To support collective impact efforts to improve kindergarten readiness, college completion, and employment outcomes for Chicago residents (1 yr)

The University of Chicago Chicago, IL $46,000 For its Black Youth Project 100 to support its digital work in 2016 (6 mos)

Young Invincibles Washington, DC $50,000 To support its 2016 Millennial Issues Campaign (1 yr)

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