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Learning Loss Could Set Back a Generation

Rescuing our education systems demands a muscular response, especially if we aim to eradicate inequities.

Stephanie Banchero, director of The Joyce Foundation’s education and economic mobility program, argues that a muscular response is needed to rescue our education system from the ravages of COVID-19 and the long-standing inequities it revealed.

In an op-ed column in Crain’s Forum, Banchero says the task will require both innovative thinking and a return to sound education policy. It also will require educators, parents, state policymakers and the stakeholders to come together, join forces and give a little.

Otherwise, Banchero contends, we risk losing a generation of young people. Read the column here.

The Joyce Foundation is a sponsor of Crain’s Forum, a monthly, issues- and solutions-oriented project in Crain’s Chicago Business.