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Opportunities for Addressing Lead in Drinking Water in the Great Lakes


This report was prepared to provide funders in the Great Lakes region with an overview of critical issues surrounding lead in drinking water and specific strategies that could be used to address those issues and reduce lead exposure through drinking water. These topics are presented as a series of issue briefs that describe challenges, data gaps, and opportunities for reducing the risk of exposure to lead in drinking water and for increasing community involvement in decisions affecting drinking water. Each of the issue briefs includes the following: 

  • an explanation of the issue and its relevance to drinking water and public health protection; 
  • strategies that can be used to address the issue challenges, data gaps, and opportunities; 
  • organizations working in the issue area and specific organizations or geographic areas that
  • might be ready to initiate work in the issue area; and
  • references and resources.  

Download the full report here.