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Our Children, Our Schools: Chicagoans Weigh In On Education Reform


Joyce-Chicago Tribune poll finds support for the city's teachers and for efforts to reform Chicago's public education system.

Chicagoans support the city’s teachers, and also overwhelmingly support efforts to reform Chicago’s public education system and hold educators accountable for improving student achievement. That’s what a new survey of approximately 1000 Chicagoans, including 500 parents with children in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), taught us this week. The Joyce Foundation recently partnered with theChicago Tribune to survey Chicago adults about their perspectives on public education, expectations for children, and teacher quality. On the Foundation's behalf, NORC at the University of Chicago conducted this survey.

What is the most important factor in choosing a child's teacher?


Should student achievement be 30% of a teacher’s evaluation?


The results were released this weekend in the Tribune, with an op-ed from the Joyce Foundation offering our perspective on the key findings and why they are important and timely for Chicago. The Tribune is also running a series of editorials based on the data from the survey.

These findings are especially timely because CPS is in the midst of rolling out a new, robust teacher evaluation system to help principals identify teachers who are the very best and those who need extra support.  If well-implemented, this new system could be the best chance to strengthen and support excellent teaching in Chicago that the district has had in years.

Who is accountable for a child's education?


Supported by this data, Joyce will continue to encourage the district to ensure that the new teacher evaluation system is implemented well, and that it is used as tool to improve opportunities for teacher professional development. We hope to help sustain the progress that Chicago has made in attracting, developing, and retaining first-rate educators to its schools.

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