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The Joyce Foundation Announces $10.2 Million in Grants


In April, 50 grants totaling $10.2 million were approved by the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors to further address pressing economic and social challenges that influence the quality of lives.


President and Fellows of Harvard College (Cambridge, MA) $50,000 To support the continued building and launch of Sustain Arts, a free online database that connects arts administrators and artists with venues, audiences and potential funders. (1 yr)

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL) $25,000 To support equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) training at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. (1 yr)

Red Clay Dance Company (Chicago, IL) $70,000 To Red Clay Dance Company to support the hiring and salary of its first executive director. (2 yrs)

The University of Chicago (Chicago, IL) $25,000 To support the Washington Park Arts Incubator Artists-in-Residence program. (1 yr)


Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Chicago (Chicago, IL) $150,000 To support election administration advocacy, youth engagement, and coalition building. (2 yrs)

CHANGE Illinois! (Chicago, IL) $300,000 To support coalition building, communications coordination, and strategic planning in Illinois. (2 yrs)

Chicago Votes (Chicago, IL) $150,000 To educate young people in Illinois about political reform, provide intensive training to 50 youth fellows, and support coalition advocacy work on election administration and campaign finance reform. (2 yrs)

Demos (New York, NY) $100,000 To train and mentor leaders of color in the Great Lakes region to advocate for campaign finance and other pro-democracy reforms. (2 yrs)

Hamline University of Minnesota (Saint Paul, MN) $250,000 To organize "citizens' assemblies" in at least two Minnesota municipalities for the purposes of advancing reforms to local electoral systems. (18 mos)

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (Chicago, IL) $150,000 To support work on increasing access to voting and reducing the influence of money in the electoral process. (2 yrs)

Illinois Public Interest Research Group Education Fund (Chicago, IL) $150,000 To expand campus-based student chapters, mobilize support for election administration and campaign finance reforms, and build strong coalitions for political reform. (2 yrs)

Proteus Fund Inc. (Amherst, MA) $150,000 for the Piper Fund's Collaborative Communications Initiative to increase the communications capacity of democracy reform groups in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs) 


IFF (Chicago, IL) $125,000 to determine the supply of-and demand for-high quality seats in Illinois' school districts, which will be used to inform the governor's office on a policy agenda to increase access to good schools. (18 mos)

Latino Policy Forum (Chicago, IL) $500,000 to advocate for successful implementation of strong teacher preparation policies, and ensure future education policies benefit English language learners. (2 yrs)

New Schools for Chicago (Chicago, IL) $200,000 to help fund a community organizing and public affairs campaign to promote high-quality schools in every neighborhood. (2yrs)

Stand for Children Leadership Center (Portland, OR) $300,000 to improve teacher preparation policies, support the successful implementation of teacher evaluation systems in Illinois and Indiana, and build community support for these reforms.  (1 yr)

United Way of Central Indiana Inc. (Indianapolis, IN) $150,000 to lead a statewide coalition and launch a comprehensive advocacy campaign to increase state funding for high quality preschool in 2017. (1 yr)

Education First Consulting (Seattle, WA) $400,000 To facilitate partnerships between Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Chicago school districts and their feeder teacher preparation programs to help better align the teacher supply and demand pipeline, and to help ensure teachers are better prepared. (1yr)

Education First Consulting (Seattle, WA) $196,000 to build a learning network with our state policy advocates focused on boosting their knowledge of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, helping them understand the opportunities to influence state-level policy. (1 yr)


German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, Inc. (Chicago, IL) $125,000 for a continued effort to scale the German dual education model in the Great Lakes region. (1 yr)


American Rivers Inc. (Washington, DC) $25,000 To reduce stormwater pollution in the Western Lake Erie basin. (1yr)

Center for Neighborhood Technology (Chicago, IL) $250,000 to support RainReady, an innovative approach to implementing and scaling cost-effective green infrastructure in the Chicago region. (2 yrs)

Ceres Inc. (Boston, MA) $350,000 For mobilizing business leaders and investors to spur the transition to clean energy in the Midwest. (2 yrs)

Ecology Center Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI) $240,000 Advancing energy efficiency in Michigan through stakeholder engagement and decision maker education. (1 yr)

Georgetown University (Washington, DC) $150,000 For the Georgetown Climate Center's work with Midwest states regarding implementation of the federal Clean Power Plan. (2 yrs)

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Inc. (Chicago, IL) $250,000 To support its Water Program. (2 yrs)

Great Lakes Commission (Ann Arbor, MI) $425,000 To support (1) efforts to prevent invasive species from moving through the Chicago Area Waterways, (2) the Blue Accounting Source Water Initiative, and (3) a regional symposium on the risks associated with crude oil shipments in the Great Lakes. (2 yrs)

Metropolitan Planning Council (Chicago, IL) $250,000 To support "Optimized Water Management and Planning." (2 yrs)

Minneapolis Foundation (Minneapolis, MN) $200,000 For continued support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy collaborative, including its energy efficiency working group and energy efficiency rapid response fund. (1 yr)

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (Washington, DC) $75,000 to support its Midwest Environmental Legislators project. (1 yr)

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (Washington, DC) $100,000 To continue support of the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund. (2yrs)

National Parks Conservation Association (Washington, DC) $600,000 To support the Healing Our Waters Coalition and  expand the Coalition's communications capacity. (2 yrs)

Northeast-Midwest Institute (Washington, DC) $75,000 To support the work of the NEMWI’s Great Lakes Washington Program (GLWP.) (2 yrs)

Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust (Milwaukee, WI) $800,000 To support efforts to achieve clean water in the Greater Milwaukee Watersheds. Less funding is recommended than requested to encourage SWWT to expand its funding base and to conserve budget. (2 yrs)

US Water Alliance (Washington, DC) $50,000 To develop a policy framework for a new statewide (or multi-state) entity that could raise funds and invest them in strategic, large-scale projects to address nutrients pollution and other water quality issues impacting America’s waterways. (1 yr)

Gun Violence Prevention

American College of Preventive Medicine (Washington, DC) $220,000 To continue efforts to build support for the National Violent Death Reporting System. (1 yr)

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (Washington, DC) $50,000 To support the efforts of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence. (9 mos)

Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund (Philadelphia, PA) $270,000 For gun violence prevention advocacy and organizing in Pennsylvania. (1 yr)

Center for American Progress (Washington, DC) $400,000 For efforts to advance commonsense gun law reform. (1 yr)

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (Washington, DC) $175,000 For continued work to advance risk-based firearms policies and implement model policies on removal of firearms from prohibited persons. (1 yr)

MomsRising Education Fund (Bellevue, WA) $45,000 For its gun safety program. (1 yr)

States United to Prevent Gun Violence (New York, NY) $45,000 To support shared communications software and digital and technical support to state groups. (1 yr)

WAVE Educational Fund (Milwaukee, WI) $300,000 To support continued development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence in Wisconsin and across the country. (1 yr)


Joint Fund

The Aspen Institute Inc. (Washington, DC) $300,000 to help convene a national commission on social, emotional and academic learning and issue policy and practice recommendations in a "Report to the Nation." (2 yrs)


Special Opportunities

Elevate Energy (Chicago, IL) $200,000 For the Low-Income Energy Efficiency Funding State Strategy Project. (15 mos)

Forefront (Chicago, IL) $100,000 To implement the Engaging for Impact strategic plan and to continue to serve as a leading voice and coordinator of philanthropic and nonprofit advocacy in Illinois. (2 yrs)

MinnPost (Minneapolis, MN) $120,000 To support expanded coverage of Joyce issues and help MinnPost at a time of leadership transition requiring increased editorial salaries. (2 yrs)

Robert R. McCormick Foundation (Chicago, IL) $50,000 To support teacher professional development activities in civics education throughout Illinois. (1 yr)

Urban Institute (Washington, DC) $470,000 For a research initiative projecting the major changes likely to take place in the six Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. (1 yr)

WCIJ Inc. (Madison, WI) $100,000 To support in-depth coverage of several Joyce issues, including gun violence prevention, democracy, and environment. (2 yrs)

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