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The Joyce Foundation Awards $10.4 Million in Grants


The Joyce Foundation has awarded $10.4 million in its latest round of grant making, as part of its overall grant making strategy of supporting policies to advance racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation of Great Lakes residents.

April 2019 Approved Grants


Asian Improv aRts Midwest Chicago, IL $80,000
To support capacity building and next generation audience development. (2 yrs)

Chicago Latino Theater Alliance Chicago, IL $150,000
For production of the 2019 and 2010 DESTINOS - International Latino Theater Festival and capacity building support for the local Latino theater companies that will be showcased in its programming. (2 yrs)

Congo Square Theatre Company Chicago, IL $100,000
To support an audience development and capacity building initiative (2 yrs)

Gilloury Institute Chicago, IL $100,000
To build its capacity to support and promote Asian and Middle Eastern artists and cultural communities in Chicago (2 yrs)

Illinois Humanities Chicago, IL $40,000
To support the commission and exhibition of new works by artists responding to issues of over-incarceration and the call for restorative justice (1 yr)

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, IL $25,000
To support of the Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech exhibition (1 yr)

Teatro Vista Theatre with A View Chicago IL $100,000
For operations and to facilitate planning and implementation of administrative and audience development strategies (2 yrs)

University of Chicago - Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts Chicago, IL $396,600
For support of the Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project which will support eight local dance companies (3 yrs)

World Business Chicago Chicago, IL $75,000
To support the development and dissemination of the "ChicagoMade" economic impact study of the local arts and creative industry sector. (1 yr)

City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Chicago, IL $75,000
To support its Neighborhood Stages: Theater Inventory & Asset Mapping initiative designed to assess and support the readiness of theater venues and presenting organizations in Chicago's south and west side neighborhoods (1 yr)


CHANGE Illinois Chicago, IL $400,000
To support public engagement and policy advocacy on fair redistricting, adding policy staff to address capacity needs (2 yrs)

Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Inc. Chicago, IL $100,000
To support Voting Rights & Civic Engagement (1 yr)

New Venture Fund Washington, DC $300,000
To support redistricting reform shared strategy (2 yrs)

New York Public Radio New York, NY $150,000
Produce a series on The Takeaway about gun violence prevention measures (1 yr)

Education & Economic Mobility

Advance Illinois Chicago, IL $1,000,000
Funding policy and advocacy work on education reforms, specifically around educator quality, college-and-career (2 yrs)

Center for American Progress Washington, DC $150,000
To conduct public policy research on segregation in higher education, local financing of community colleges, and race-conscious admissions (1 yr)

Education First Consulting LLC Seattle, WA $565,000
Building partnerships between teacher prep programs and the Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Chicago public school districts and running a community of practice among the talent officers (2 yrs)

Education Writers Association Washington, DC $240,000
Building the capacity of journalists reporting on education issues, including teacher quality and college and career (2 yrs)

Georgetown University Washington, DC $75,000
To propose revised federal policy on refundable tax credits, including EITC, and to revisit mechanisms for advance (18 mos)

Hopewell Fund Washington, DC $322,000
To support advocacy towards dramatically expanded Earned Income Tax Credits in the Great Lakes and at the federal level (1 yr)

Institute for Higher Education Policy Washington, DC $227,000
To seek improvement in college admissions practices that disproportionately hurt low-income students and students of color (18 mos)

Metropolitan Planning Council Chicago, IL $250,000
To support state and local advocacy for Earned Income Tax Credit expansion (20 mos)

National Vocational Technical Education Foundation Silver Spring, MA $300,000
To provide support to Great Lakes states to develop high-quality state plans under the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (2 yrs)

New Teacher Center Santa Cruz, CA $400,000
To support a random-control-trial study that will explore the impact of a pre-service-through-induction pipeline of support for new teachers (2 yrs)

The Institute for College Access and Success Inc Washington, DC $335,000
To develop federal policies that address state investment in higher education and promote equity for low-income students and students of color (2 yrs)

Urban Institute Washington, DC $178,500
To conduct research on segregation in higher education (18 mos)

Women Employed Chicago, IL $75,000
To support higher education advocacy in Illinois (1 yr)

Campaign For Free College Tuition Seattle, WA $42,500
To support student advocacy connecting college affordability and closing race and income-based gaps in higher education (6 mos)

Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy Washington, DC $35,000
To model the cost and poverty implications of Chicago and Illinois expansions of the Earned Income Tax Credit (6 mos)

Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL $155,000
To Northern Illinois University for Education Systems Center to create "Scaling Education Pathways in Illinois," an initiative to help communities build pathways from high school into the teaching profession (17 mos)


CUB Consumer Education and Research Fund Chicago, IL $400,000
Rethinking the Grid: Advancing Clean Energy in Illinois (2 yrs)

Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Odanah, WI $50,000
To facilitate ongoing participation by Tribes and First Nations in processes to improve enforcement the Great Lakes Compact (1 yr)

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization Chicago, IL $ 240,000
To ensure that frontline communities are engaged in Illinois drinking water policy, riverfront development processes, and the implementation of the Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act (2 yrs)

Minnesota Environmental Partnership St. Paul, MN $$250,000
To support its Great Lakes work and expanded engagement in low-income and tribal communities (2 yrs)

Northeast-Midwest Institute Washington, DC $160,000
To support the Northeast Midwest Institute's Great Lakes Washington Program (2 yrs)

Sierra Club Foundation Oakland, CA $400,000
To support the Clean Energy for All Chicago and Illinois project (2 yrs)

Michigan League of Conservation Voters Ann Arbor, MI $10,000
To support its response to widespread water contamination in Michigan from recently discovered toxic pollutants (1 yr)

Gun Violence Prevention & Justice Reform

American College of Preventive Medicine Washington, DC $185,000
A project to support the National Violent Death Reporting System through communications, education, and advocacy (1 yr)

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation St. Paul, MN $200,000
Wilder Research conducting a process and outcomes evaluation of the MicroGrants Lights On! program in the Twin Cities (2 yrs)

CeaseFire Pennsylvania Education Fund Philadelphia, PA $200,000
To education and advocacy to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania (1 yr)

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence Washington, DC $550,000
Advancing risk-based firearms policies, implementing model polices, and growing opportunities for impacted communities to engage in gun violence prevention advocacy (2 yrs)

Protect Minnesota St. Paul, MN $155,000
Supporting policy research, advocacy, and coalition building to reduce gun deaths and injuries in Minnesota (1 yr)

WAVE Educational Fund Milwaukee, WI $315.000
Supporting the Wisconsin Gun Violence Prevention Project (1 yr)

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys Washington, DC $20,000
To support a national convening of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (6 mos)

Civic Consulting Alliance Chicago, IL $60,000
To support the development of an Office of Violence Prevention for the City of Chicago (6 mos)

Tides Center San Francisco, CA $25,000
To Tides Center for the Opportunity Agenda to organize and facilitate a Great Lakes region convening on narrative change in the criminal justice system (1 yr)

Special Opportunities

Chicago Urban League Chicago, IL $300,000
Supporting and expanding the Research Policy Center (2 yrs)

Crain's Chicago Business Chicago, IL $200,000
To deepen coverage of Chicago and Illinois policy issues and to host related events (1 yr)

University of Chicago Chicago, IL $300,000
Studying the effects of community violence on school children and how schools can help mitigate those effects (2 yrs)