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The Joyce Foundation Awards $10 Million in Grants


The Joyce Foundation has awarded nearly $10 million in grants to support organizations in the Great Lakes region. These organizations represent work to help support research and advocacy on the critical issues facing the region.

April 2017 Approved Grants

Culture: $226,000 (7 Grants)

Audience Architects Chicago, IL $20,000

To support the evolution of the Moving Dialogs program in 2017 to a collaborative model built around a substantial partnership with the Chicago Cultural Alliance (1yr.)

Chicago Dramatists Workshop Chicago, IL $20,000

To support and develop playwrights of African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA) descent through a two-year residency initiative (1yr.)

Chicago Human Rhythm Project Chicago, IL $20,000

Continued support of the American Rhythm Center initiative (1yr.)

Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL $36,000

To cover Columbia College's Glass Curtain Gallery's curation of an exhibition inspired by the respective archives of Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Victor Alemán (1yr.)

High Concept Labs Chicago, IL $10,000

To support the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 seasons of its Sponsored Artist Program (1yr.)

Navy Pier Chicago Chicago, IL $100,000

To commission site-specific work and public performances by noted African American artist, Nick Cave (1yr.)

University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL $20,000

To support the summer 2018 exhibition Out of Easy Reach (1yr.)

DEMOCRACY: $225,000 (2 Grants)

The Campaign Legal Center Washington, DC $150,000

To support voting rights and redistricting work in the Midwest (1yr.)

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Los Angeles, CA $75,000

To conduct public education, community outreach, and litigation to improve minority representation at the local government level in Illinois (1yr.)

EDUCATION: $3,433,000 (14 Grants)

Advance Illinois Chicago, IL $600,000

To provide operating support to Advance Illinois for its work on college and career readiness policies. (2yrs.)

Bank Street College of Education New York, NY $100,000

To complete a research and policy paper on funding sustainability for residency-style teacher preparation programs (9 mos.)

Bellwether Education Partners Sudbury, MA $243,000

To publish and distribute a policy paper on residency style teacher preparation programs and two papers on early childhood educator preparation (1yr.)

Education First Consulting Seattle, WA $150,000

To help craft the state's Every Student Succeeds Act plan, and to provide support for advocates in Illinois and Minnesota (1yr.)

Education First Consulting Seattle, WA $675,000

To help facilitate partnerships between teacher training programs and the Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Chicago public school districts to better align teacher supply and demand pipelines in each city (2yrs.)

Education Writers Association Washington, DC $275,000

To build the capacity of Great Lakes journalists reporting on education issues, including teacher quality, early childhood education, and postsecondary pathways (2yrs.)

National Academy of Sciences' National Academy of Medicine Washington, DC $90,000

To work with policy leaders in Indiana to develop a policy plan to improve the state's early childhood workforce policies (1yr.)

National Center for Teacher Residencies Chicago, IL $200,000

To help integrate its policy, advocacy, communications and research strategies to advance the national movement toward residency-style teacher preparation (1yr.)

New America Foundation Washington, DC $300,000

To conduct research that will help inform state-level policies to improve the early childhood workforce nationally and in the Great Lakes region (2yrs.)

Results in Education Foundation Chicago, IL $100,000

To provide strategic communications support to seven advocacy groups in the Joyce Education Program portfolio (1yr.)

Stand for Children Leadership Center Portland, OR $300,000

To advocate for teacher preparation policies, and to support the effective implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in Illinois and Indiana by building community support for teacher quality policies and other reforms (1yr.)

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center New York, NY $200,000

To introduce its new national agenda for scaling family engagement innovations that use digital tools, and to spur the adoption of these tools in a handful of cities and states (1yr.)

The Surge Institute Chicago, IL $100,000

To help fund a one-year fellowship for emerging education leaders of color, and a research project on the Institute's impact (1yr.)

The University of Chicago Chicago, IL $100,000

To help establish the Consortium Investment Council at the Chicago Consortium on School Research, which will provide dependable funding for putting research to work, refreshing the data archive, seeding new studies, and replicating previous studies (1yr.)

EMPLOYMENT: $500,000 (5 Grants)

Chicago Community Trust Chicago, IL $25,000

To support the operations of Workforce Matters, a national affinity group of workforce development funders, and a project of Chicago Community Trust (1yr.)

German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest Inc. Chicago, IL $125,000

For a continued effort to scale the German dual education model in the Great Lakes region (1yr.)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA $50,000

To support the delivery of the Inclusive Innovation Challenge (1yr.)

New America Foundation Washington, DC $150,000

To support research and advocacy around alternative approaches to career education and training (1yr.)

The Saint Paul Foundation Saint Paul, MN $150,000

To support MSPWin, a Twin Cities workforce development collaborative of twelve grant makers (1yr.)

ENVIRONMENT: $2,008,678 (12 Grants)

Clean Energy Trust Chicago, IL $175,000

To support Business Engagement in Support of Clean Energy (1yr.)

Council of State Governments Lombard, IL $75,000

To support the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus (1yr.)

CUB Consumer Education and Research Fund Chicago, IL $300,000

To support the Rethinking the Grid project (2yrs.)

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization Chicago, IL $30,000

To support the implementation of the Our Great Rivers vision (1yr.)

Metropolitan Planning Council Chicago, IL $50,000

To advance priorities identified in Our Great Rivers, a vision and action agenda for Chicago's rivers (1yr.)

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Chicago, IL $200,000

To promote and support the Midwest Campaign for Energy Efficiency (1yr.)

Minneapolis Foundation Minneapolis, MN $175,000

For continued support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy network, including its energy efficiency rapid response fund (1yr.)

Minnesota Environmental Partnership St. Paul, MN $324,000

To support its Great Lakes work and expanded engagement in indigenous communities (2yrs.)

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators Washington, DC $50,000

To support its Midwest Environmental Legislators project (1yr.)

Northeast-Midwest Institute Washington, DC $80,000

To support the Northeast-Midwest Institute's (NEMWI's) Great Lakes Washington Program (1yr.)

Ohio State University Foundation Columbus, OH $50,000

To support the Ohio Sea Grant program (1yr.)

The Nature Conservancy Indianapolis, IN $499,678

To support the Western Lake Erie Project (2yrs.)

GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION: $1,344,000 (7 Grants)

American College of Preventive Medicine Washington, DC $190,000

To continue efforts that maintain support for the National Violent Death Reporting System (1yr.)

CeaseFire Pennsylvania Education Fund Philadelphia, PA $200,000

For public education and coalition building to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania (1yr.)

Center for American Progress Washington, DC $429,000

To support the gun safety team and the gun violence prevention efforts of Generation Progress (1yr.)

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence Washington, DC $190,000

For continued work to advance risk-based firearms policies and implement model policies on the removal of firearms from prohibited persons (1yr.)

Protect Minnesota St. Paul, MN $25,000

To support a director of research and operations, and coalition building in Greater Minnesota (1yr.)

States United to Prevent Gun Violence New York, NY $40,000

For software, communications, technical, and digital support to its network of 31 state gun violence prevention groups (1yr.)

WAVE Educational Fund Milwaukee, WI $270,000

To support a comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence in Wisconsin (1yr.)

INCUBATOR FUND: $565,000 (4 Grants)

Chicago Community Trust Chicago, IL $25,000

To support the Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities (6 mos.)

New York University New York, NY $140,000

For its School of Law to support the Policing Project's Chicago Community Engagement Initiative (6 mos.)

Police Executive Research Forum Washington, DC $200,000

For leadership development and technical support for the Chicago Police Department (1yr.)

The University of Chicago Chicago, IL $200,000

To support the University of Chicago Crime Lab's development of an early intervention system for the Chicago Police Department (1yr.)

JOINT FUND: $950,000 (5 Grants)

Advance Illinois Chicago, IL $400,000

To Advance Illinois with a specific focus on the teacher quality, college-and-career readiness and early childhood work (2yrs.)

Michigan State University East Lansing, MI $150,000

To fund research and disseminate communication on the policies that will promote better learning environments from a standpoint of healthy student mindsets towards learning (1yr.)

New America Foundation Washington, DC $75,000

To support research and advocacy around alternative approaches to career education and training (1yr.)

New Profit Inc. Boston, MA $250,000

To help launch a prize competition focused on finding tools to help young adults build the "power skills" necessary for thriving at work (1yr.)

Stanford University Stanford, CA $75,000

To develop a toolkit that will assist college administrators in developing more effective communication to students on academic probation (1yr.)

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES: $425,000 (4 Grants)

Friends of Wisconsin Public Television Inc. Madison, WI $75,000

To support continued development and testing of a new, collaborative, web-based news and information service, WisContext (1yr.)

Institute for Nonprofit News Los Angeles, CA $50,000

To support establishment of Amplify News Midwest-a central news distribution, placement, and collaboration hub to facilitate increased sharing of public interest stories among Midwest nonprofit news sites (1yr.)

ProPublica Inc. New York, NY $150,000

To support its new regional investigative journalism initiative in Illinois (1yr.)

Trace Media Inc. New York, NY $150,000

For an in-depth reporting project on gun violence in the Great Lakes region (1yr.)