Improving the quality of life in the Great Lakes region and across the country.

redistricting report

Redistricting and Representation

Report examines redistricting in the Great Lakes region and offers a framework to improve the process.


Democracy Program

Encouraging citizens to participate in our democracy by promoting campaign finance reform, ethical government, fair elections, and an independent judiciary.


Democracy Grantees

2013 Democracy Grantees

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.


The Campaign Legal Center
Washington, DC $100,000
To engage in a broad-based effort to hold the line on existing reasonable campaign finance laws and to develop a new jurisprudence based on equal participation. (16 mos)

Illinois Campaign for Political Reform
Chicago, IL $75,000
For support to merge with another organization. (6 mos)

Michigan Campaign Finance Network
Lansing, MI $160,000
To support its campaign finance research, analysis and public education efforts. (2 yrs)


Center for Community Change
Washington, DC $150,000
To educate and mobilize young people in Illinois on democracy issues. (1 yr)


Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.
Washington, DC $150,000
To support redistricting and modernizing election administration in Ohio. (1 yr)

Common Cause Education Fund
Washington, DC $250,000
For membership development and public education on redistricting, election administration and judicial independence in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. (1 yr)

The PEW Charitable Trusts
Washington, DC $400,000
To support efforts to modernize voter registration systems in Illinois and Ohio. (3 yrs)


Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
Chicago, IL $175,000
To help the CHANGE Illinois! program build organizational capacity and raise public awareness on redistricting and reforming the electoral system. (1 yr)

Citizen Advocacy Center
Elmhurst, IL $50,000
For work to promote alternative electoral systems. (1 yr)

FairVote Minnesota Foundation
Minneapolis, MN $100,000
For public education to promote ranked choice voting in Minnesota. (1 yr)

The UpTake Institute
St Paul, MN $105,000
To conduct a social media awareness campaign on ranked choice voting and how Minneapolis used ranked choice voting in the 2013 mayoral election. (1 yr)


League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
Columbus, OH $75,000
For its public education work on judicial independence and election administration. (1 yr)

Minnesota Community Action Association Resource Fund
St. Paul, MN $100,000
For a public education program on judicial selection in Minnesota. (6 mos)

Proteus Fund Inc.
Amherst, MA $100,000
To increase the communications capacity of fair courts and money-in-politics reform organizations in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs)


Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Chicago
Chicago, IL $55,000
For the development of a multi-year, multi-issue plan to advance political reform in Illinois with four other constituent-based organizations. (3 mos)

Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc
Chicago, IL $95,000
To protect and restore Lake Superior. (2 yrs)

The Franklin And Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
New York, NY $190,000
To support the Government By and For Millennial America initiative. (1 yr)

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Network
Madison, WI $120,000
To continue its work on developing and promoting a reform agenda that includes redistricting, judicial independence and voting rights. (2 yrs)

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Los Angeles, CA $95,000
For project support to enable MALDEF to advance reforms for more equitable political access for Latinos in Illinois and the Great Lakes region. (16 mos)

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Inc.
St. Paul, MN $110,000
For convening a multi-organization, multi-issue planning group to develop a strategic and coordinated approach to strengthening democracy in Minnesota. (3 mos)

National Association of Latino Elected Officials Educational Fund
Los Angeles, CA $200,000
To develop a political reform agenda for Latinos in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs)

State Voices
Detroit, MI, $95,000
To develop a strategic plan for increasing and expanding democratic and civic engagement in Ohio. (1 yr)

Wisconsin Voices
Milwaukee, WI $110,000
To support the Our Democracy 2020 program, an innovative long-term strategy aimed at building a youth-led movement that reclaims and aligns our democracy with the interests and policy objectives of Wisconsin's Rising American Electorate. (16 mos)

Latest News From The Democracy Program

6/15/2015 12:33:00 PM

Joyce Promotes Culture and Democracy Program Officers

Angelique Power has been promoted to Program Director, Culture, and George Cheung has been promoted to Program Director, Democracy.


Joyce Foundation Approves 45 Grants

On April 21, 2015 the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors approved 45 grants spanning 7 programmatic priorities.

4/20/2015 4:51:00 PM

Minority representation lacking in elected government offices, study finds

A Joyce funded report was released that uncovered widespread underrepresentation of communities of color in local government jurisdictions.


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