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redistricting report

Redistricting and Representation

Report examines redistricting in the Great Lakes region and offers a framework to improve the process.


Democracy Program

Encouraging citizens to participate in our democracy by promoting campaign finance reform, ethical government, fair elections, and an independent judiciary.


Democracy Grantees

2014 Democracy Grantees

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc.
New York, NY $50,000
To support additional research using the efficiency gap in Wisconsin. (1 yr)
Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Chicago
Chicago, IL $150,000
To support three critical components of AAAJ's vision: public education to limited English residents, youth civic engagement around political reform, and targeted community engagement. (2 yrs)
Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.
Washington, DC $100,000
To support continued work on redistricting and modernizing election administration in Ohio. (1 yr)
Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
Chicago, IL $350,000
For renewed support with a focus on coalition development. (2 yrs)
Clean Water Fund
Clinton Township, MI $350,000
To build a grassroots base and pro-active agenda for important democracy reform work in Minnesota. (27 mos)
Common Cause Education Fund
Washington, DC $300,000
To build support for democracy reforms in the Great Lakes states. (1 yr)
New York, NY $50,000
To support our work to address the outsized influence of money in politics. (1 yr)
Takoma Park, MD $92,000
To support a communications project about how best to introduce different voting methods to the general public and to target changemakers, Midwest community leaders and members of charter commission and legislatures. (1 yr)
FairVote Minnesota Foundation
Minneapolis, MN $200,000
To promote Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in Minnesota. (2 yrs)
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Chicago, IL $150,000
For project support regarding a youth civic engagement program. (2 yrs)
Illinois Public Interest Research Group Education Fund
Chicago, IL $50,000
To expand ILPIRG EF youth civic engagement program to campuses across Illinois. (2 yrs)
Justice at Stake
Washington, DC $400,000
To support an in-depth assessment of where each state stands in terms of judicial reform. (2 yrs)
League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education Fund
St. Paul, MN $140,000
To advance democracy reform movement with coalition partners and fund an on-line curriculum/traveling exhibit on voting barriers. (27 mos)
League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
Columbus, OH $150,000
Focusing on Judicial Reform and election Administration Reform. (29 mos)
Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation Inc.
Chicago, IL $100,000
To engage Chicago youth in the Illinois Next Generation Leadership Agenda and develop the next generation of policy advocates through policy internships. (2 yrs)
Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice
Minneapolis, MN $113,000
Civic Engagement of Minnesotans with Criminal Records. (27 mos)
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Minneapolis, MN $50,000
To support advancement of our democracy policy commitment. (2 yrs)
New Organizing Institute Education Fund
Washington, DC $150,000
For Chicago Votes' work around civic engagement and education among Chicago's Millennial Generation, and to build public support for political reform efforts. (2 yrs)
New Venture Fund
Washington, DC $25,000
To support convenings of funders interested in civic engagement and democracy reforms in Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan. Future funding is possible depending on alignment of grant-making strategies. (1 yr)
Organizing Apprenticeship Project
Minneapolis, MN $63,000
For building a strong statewide base and policy agenda for democracy reform in communities of color, and aligning this base with partners to advance strategic democracy reform in Minnesota. (2 yrs)
Prison Policy Initiative
Northampton, MA $50,000
To support a project to end prison gerrymandering in the Midwest Region $50,000. (2 yrs)
Public Interest Projects Inc.
New York, NY $40,000
1. Gearing up a 2015 educational and organizing effort to prepare for 2020 Census.
2. Support for holding 2015 FCCP Spring Convening in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (1 yr)
Public Interest Projects Inc.
New York, NY $40,000
The Shelby Response Fund: to convene civil rights groups, good government groups and other stakeholders to strengthen the protection of voting rights for minority voters. (1 yr)
State Voices
Detroit, MI $100,000
Michigan Voice was formed to improve long-term coordination and communication among civic and voter engagement organizations in the state. (1 yr)
Street-Level Youth Media
Chicago, IL $50,000
Street-Level plans to develop our NextGen Media Project into a yearlong youth civic engagement campaign in 2015. (1 yr)
TakeAction Minnesota Education Fund
St. Paul, MN $233,000
To support voting rights, call attention to the impact of money in politics, and reform Minnesota's redistricting system. (27 mos)
The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group
Minneapolis, MN $175,000
To building a pro-democracy movement in Minnesota. (27 mos)
William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice
New York, NY $400,000
State-based national Democracy Program activities that support initiatives in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs)

Latest News From The Democracy Program


Strengthening Democracy by Embracing a Multi-Party System

Democracy Program Director, George Cheung, penned a blog, featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

6/15/2015 12:33:00 PM

Joyce Promotes Culture and Democracy Program Officers

Angelique Power has been promoted to Program Director, Culture, and George Cheung has been promoted to Program Director, Democracy.


Joyce Foundation Approves 45 Grants

On April 21, 2015 the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors approved 45 grants spanning 7 programmatic priorities.


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