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Education Grantees

2015 Education Grants

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.

Washington, DC $400,000
To support the work of the Minnesota chapter, MinnCAN, to pursue an advocacy campaign focused on teacher preparation and other teacher quality issues, and continue its teacher policy fellowship program. (2yrs)
Advance Illinois
Chicago, IL $400,000
To support its state policy advocacy and leadership in Illinois' education community. (2 yrs)
Advance Illinois
Chicago, IL $300,000
To develop policies and systems to better align data collection, reporting and analysis; and engage stakeholders around using data to improve educator preparation in the state. (1 yr)
The Aspen Institute Inc.
Washington, DC $500,000
To continue its national work to advance policies that strengthen teacher evaluation, development and leadership. (2 yrs)
Center for American Progress
Washington, DC $250,000
To launch a national campaign to elevate the teaching profession, bringing diverse voices together to build momentum for policy change. (2 yrs)
Center for Teaching Quality Inc.
Carrboro, NC $50,000
To build an Illinois teacher voice community and help a team of teacher leaders develop a policy report on transforming teacher development and to serve as a sort of "kitchen cabinet" to IL State Superintendent of Ed. on educator-related policy issues. (6 mos)
New York, NY $150,000
To support its Indiana chapter to cover education issues and to inform key debates and decisions that affect low-income children in the greater Indianapolis area. (2 yrs)
The Chicago Public Education Fund
Chicago, IL $500,000
To help Chicago Public Schools increase the number of high-quality principals, and develop case studies and policy recommendations from the Fund's teacher Summer Design Program. (2 yrs)
Consortium for Educational Change
Lombard, IL $75,000
To launch a communications and engagement campaign to support implementation of PERA, the Illinois teacher evaluation system. (18 mos)
Council of Chief State School Officers
Washington, DC $125,000
To conduct a 50-state analysis of current teacher preparation program evaluation efforts and then assess the ability of states to collect data against a new set of more outcomes-based indicators.  (1 yr)
Deans for Impact
Austin, TX $100,000
For policy advocacy and communications efforts around teacher preparation reform, and to launch a learning science pilot program at three institutions. (1 yr)
Editorial Projects in Education
Bethesda, MD $250,000
To underwrite news coverage of education policies affecting the teaching profession in Education Week, on, and in a special report for's Education Week Teacher channel. (2 yrs)
Education First Consulting
Seattle, WA $125,000
To complete a landscape scan of partnerships between teacher preparation programs and school districts, and develop a readiness assessment of the potential for such partnerships in Chicago, Minneapolis and Indianapolis. (6 mos)
Education Reform Now Inc
Brooklyn, NY $75,000
To support its effort to engage community and faith leaders, elected officials, and youth on issues related to school choice and teacher quality in Chicago. (1 yr)
The Education Trust
Washington, DC $500,000
To advance policies and promote practices at the federal, state, and district levels that give students with the greatest need access to the most effective teachers. (2 yrs)
Education Writers Association
Washington, DC $275,000
To build the capacity of journalists reporting on education issues, including teacher quality and college and career readiness, in the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs)
Educators 4 Excellence
New York, NY $250,000
To engage and mobilize teachers, and elevate their voices in local education policy conversations. (1 yr)
Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Chicago, IL $500,000
To continue advocacy, policy development and communications efforts around ensuring the growth of high-quality charter schools in Illinois. (2 yrs)
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN $230,000
To inform and guide implementation of teacher evaluation policy in Indiana. (2 yrs)
The Joan Ganz Cooney Center
New York, NY $325,000
To lead a national initiative to map innovative, research-based early childhood technological tools aimed at family engagement and early literacy. In addition, a national panel will be convened to identify quality indicators to help guide future development of the digital tools. (18 mos)
Leadership for Educational Equity Foundation
Washington, DC $50,000
To advance education reform in Chicago by providing leadership development to Teach for America alumni. (1 yr)
Leading Educators Inc.
New Orleans, LA $117,000
To create a teacher leadership strategy and policy roadmap, and develop a statewide toolkit that other districts could use to craft teacher leadership programs. (1 yr)
The Mind Trust
Indianapolis, IN $100,000
To advocate for changes to Indiana teacher preparation programs, with an emphasis on reforms at Indiana University's college of education. (1 yr)
Minnesota Comeback
Minneapolis, MN $100,000
To support Minnesota Comeback in its efforts to craft-and begin implementing-a strategic vision to improve the educator talent pipeline in Minneapolis through the organization's Talent Implementation Team and Policy Team. (1 yr)
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
Chicago, IL $75,000
To prepare and release its second annual 50-state analysis of charter school authorizing laws. (1 yr)
National Council on Teacher Quality
Washington, DC $400,000
To support its work to strengthen and advance state teacher quality policies through the publication of its State Teacher Policy Yearbook and other policy reports. (2 yrs)
New Teacher Center
Santa Cruz, CA $300,000
To provide technical assistance to Chicago Public Schools to help develop a new vision for teacher development and convene other advocates to build support and advocacy for the plan. (2 yrs)
The New Teacher Project Inc.
Brooklyn, NY $300,000
To complete a diagnostic review of Indianapolis Public Schools' teacher development strategies and help them create a plan to improve professional learning policies. (1 yr)
Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc.
Minneapolis, MN $300,000
To support a network of Midwest-based education advocacy organizations working to improve K-12 education through policy development and community organizing. (2 yrs)
Public Impact
Chapel Hill, NC $70,000
To support policy development and planning to implement Opportunity Culture teacher leadership strategies in Indianapolis. (1 yr)
Stand for Children Leadership Center
Portland, OR $300,000
To support parent empowerment programming and advocacy to improve teacher quality policies in Chicago and Indianapolis. (1 yr)
Students for Education Reform
New York, NY $50,000
To provide high-impact training to college students on education reform, education policy, and community organizing in Minnesota. (1 yr)
Teach Plus Incorporated
Boston, MA $350,000
To improve teacher quality policies in Indianapolis and Chicago. (2 yrs)
The University of Chicago Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab
Chicago, IL $175,000
To conduct a randomized controlled trial to test a low-cost family engagement program that uses behavioral tools to reduce absenteeism in Head Start programs. (18 mos)
The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research
Chicago, IL $200,000
To research the differences and similarities among teacher preparation programs that feed Chicago Public Schools, with special focus on alternate certification and clinical experiences, to determine how well prepared candidates feel when they graduate. (2 yrs)

Latest News From The Education Program

8/9/2016 10:45:00 AM

Sameer Gadkaree Joins the Joyce Foundation

Education and workforce development expert Sameer Gadkaree is joining the Joyce Foundation as a Senior Program Officer. ​

7/28/2016 9:32:00 AM

Joyce Foundation Awards $13.7 Million in Grants

Joyce Foundation Awards $13.7 Million in Grants to Advance Policies on Climate Change, Great Lakes Protection, Gun Violence Prevention, and Workforce Development​


The Joyce Foundation Announces $10.2 Million in Grants

In April, 50 grants totaling $10.2 million were approved by the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors to further address pressing economic and social challenges.


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