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2013 Education Grants

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.


Erikson Institute
Chicago, IL $450,000
For continued support of its work to improve the effectiveness of early grade teachers in high-need Chicago schools with the goal of ensuring that children can read well by third grade. (2 yrs)

Latino Policy Forum
Chicago, IL $250,000
To strengthen state policies that impact early reading experiences for students across Illinois, particularly English language learners. (1 yr)

San Francisco, CA $1,208,142
To support its training of regional Certified Coach Trainers as part of scaling the implementation of the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) in Illinois to support early literacy instruction. (2 yrs)


Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University
Edwardsville, IL $158,086
To support the Illinois Education Research Council's analysis of charter school human resource management. (2 yrs)

Charter School Partners
Minneapolis, MN $75,000
To support the launch of a parent engagement initiative as part of the organization's Charters 2.0 state advocacy strategy. (6 mos)

Education Reform Now
New York, NY $150,000
To support its engagement of community and faith leaders, elected officials and youth on issues related to the need for more high-quality school options in Chicago. (1 yr)

San Francisco, CA $200,000
To educate parents about school options in Indianapolis and drive demand for high-quality schools, including charters. (2 yrs)

Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Chicago, IL $700,000
To support its policy and advocacy efforts to increase the demand for high-quality school options in communities and establish optimal conditions and standards for charter schools to raise student achievement. (2 yrs)

The Mind Trust
Indianapolis, IN $162,500
To develop strategies for accessing and financing charter school facilities. (1 yr)

Stand for Children Leadership Center
Portland, OR, $450,000
To support education reform advocacy and parent outreach in Illinois and Indiana. (1 yr)

University of Washington Foundation
Seattle, WA $250,000
To support the Center for Reinventing Public Education's Portfolio School District Network activities. (2 yrs)


New York, NY $200,000
To support the 2014 teacher quality-related advocacy activities of MinnCAN, its Minnesota office (1 yr)

Advance Illinois
Chicago, IL $1,050,000
To provide general support to Advance Illinois to continue its state-policy advocacy and leadership in Illinois's education community. (2 yrs)

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Washington, DC $180,550
To support its efforts to inform the next generation of K-12 education human capital policy making and research. (1 yr)

The Aspen Institute Inc.
Washington, DC $500,000
To support the development of policies to help states and districts align teacher evaluation and Common Core implementation, develop teacher eadership models and establish cultures of continuous improvement. (2 yrs)

Bellwether Education Partners
Wellesley, MA $272,500
To support expansion of its work on teacher pension reform issues through key policy reports and the engagement of teachers and other education reform stakeholders. (1 yr)

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Stanford, CA $370,243
To support research, analysis and communications to ensure that the next wave of teacher evaluation systems help teachers sharpen their skills and advances the teaching profession. (18 mos)

Center for American Progress
Washington, DC $300,000
To support development and advancement of policy changes that support improvements in human capital systems that align with other reforms in teaching and learning, and tackle inherent inequities in the system. (2 yrs)

The Chicago Public Education Fund
Chicago, IL $500,000
To provide support and programming to assist Chicago Public Schools' efforts to increase the number of high-quality principals in the district along with other human capital projects. (2 yrs)

Community Renewal Society
Chicago, IL $90,000
To support the reporting and analysis of Catalyst Chicago. (1 yr)

Editorial Projects in Education
Bethesda, MD $275,000
To underwrite news coverage of teacher quality-related policy in Education Week, on and on the Teacher Beat blog. (2 yrs)

The Education Trust
Washington, DC $626,000
To support efforts that build and expand on EdTrust's teacher effectiveness and education equity work. (2 yrs)

EducationCounsel LLC
Washington, DC $200,000
To assist Illinois and Minnesota in developing and implementing new, high-quality systems of teacher evaluation through the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Multi-State Network. (1 yr)

National Center for Time and Learning
Boston, MA $115,000
To support the completion of the Time for Teachers report highlighting how expanded school days can be leveraged to strengthen instruction. (1 yr)

The New Teacher Project Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

To provide support for its work in Chicago, Indianapolis and Minneapolis to leverage new teacher evaluation systems for professional growth and retention of highly effective educators. (2 yrs)

To continue its work with Minneapolis Public Schools to provide consulting and technical assistance around the design, implementation, integration and support of the new district-wide educator evaluation system. (6 mos)

The PIE Network
Minneapolis, MN $300,000
To build the capacity of Midwest-based education organizations to develop and implement state policies and reform initiatives. (2 yrs)

Public Impact
Chapel Hill, NC $222,100
To support publications, engagement and dissemination to promote policies that support the creation of an "Opportunity Culture," where high-quality teachers reach more students and have access to new instructional roles. (1 yr)

Regents of the University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN $230,150
For its Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to study the 2013-2014 pilot of the Minnesota State Teacher Development, Evaluation, and Peer Support Model. (16 mos)

Teach Plus
Boston, MA $500,000
To support the implementation of policy changes through teacher-led activities and increase teacher retention through educator leadership opportunities. (2 yrs)

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute
Washington, DC $148,000
To conduct a state-by-state comparison of how effective each state has been at managing its teacher pension system and increasing pension costs. (18 mos)

The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research
Chicago, IL $437,731
To study REACH Students, Chicago's new teacher evaluation system. (30 mos)

Latest News From The Education Program

8/4/2015 2:37:00 PM

New Findings on Effectiveness of Teacher Development

The New Teacher Project just released a new report on teacher development.

6/25/2015 12:53:00 PM

Policy recommendations for teacher professional development

The Chicago chapter of Educators 4 Excellence (E4E) released its first policy memo on how to better align professional development to teacher needs.

6/22/2015 4:15:00 PM

Noble Network of Charter Schools wins the 2015 Broad Prize

Joyce congratulates the Chicago-based Noble Network of Charter Schools for winning the 2015 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools.


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