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2012 Education Grants

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Teacher Quality

Advance Illinois
Chicago, IL $107,085
To organize and train award-winning teachers in Illinois as advocates for policy change. (1 yr)

Bellwether Education Partners
Wellesley, MA $200,000
To support its efforts to advance the national conversation on the sustainability and reform of educator pensions through engaging relevant stakeholder audiences. (1 yr)

Center for American Progress
Washington, DC $150,000
To continue development and advancement of policy changes that support improvements in human capital systems throughout the country and access to effective teachers for all students. (1 yr)

Center for Teaching Quality Inc.
Carrboro, NC $150,000
To build and demonstrate capacity for new teacher and union leadership in Illinois via work around teacher evaluation and Common Core State Standards implementation. (1 yr)

Community Renewal Society
Chicago, IL $90,000
For continued funding for the general operations, reporting, and analysis of Catalyst Chicago. (1 yr)

Consortium for Educational Change
Lombard, IL $200,000
To provide training in new educator evaluation systems to both teacher and principal evaluators in Illinois. (1 yr)

Editorial Projects in Education, Inc.
Washington, DC $250,000
To support coverage in Education Week and on on state policies that aim to improve the teaching profession. (2 yrs)

Education Writers Association
Washington, DC $225,000
To support the improvement of media coverage in the Midwest and nationally of efforts to raise the caliber of the nation's education workforce, including the charter sector. (2 yrs)

EducationCounsel LLC
Washington, DC $200,000
To support the Teacher Leader Evaluation Multi-State Network, a collaborative to accelerate state policy reform on teacher and leader effectiveness in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and several other states. (1 yr)

Latino Policy Forum
Chicago, IL $225,000
To implement its K-12 education agenda. (1 yr)

New Leaders for New Schools
New York, NY $175,000
To provide support to state policy makers on principal evaluation implementation efforts in Indiana and Minnesota. (1 yr)

New Teacher Center
Santa Cruz, CA $250,000
To strengthen and expand the reach of induction and mentoring policy and program infrastructure in Illinois, and to ensure that new teacher induction is embedded into the implementation of teacher evaluation and tenure policies across the state. (2 yrs)

New Voice Strategies
Chicago, IL $100,000
To operate inter-related VIVA Minnesota Teachers' Idea Exchanges-online collaborations-open to any teacher in the state. (1 yr)

Public Impact
Chapel Hill, NC $200,000
To develop and disseminate resources to help policy makers in Great Lakes states and beyond to create an Opportunity Culture and extend the reach of excellent teachers. (1  yr)

Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL)
Chicago, IL $75,000
To support a parent and community engagement campaign focused on the support of a better, more comprehensive teacher evaluation system in the Chicago Public Schools. (1 yr)

Stand for Children Leadership Center
Portland, OR $250,000
To increase access to clear and accurate information on Indianapolis' school choice options, support advocacy focused on the successful implementation of SEA 1, the state's new annual teacher and school leader evaluation systems, and the development and implementation of a comprehensive community engagement process designed to listen to and engage Indianapolis residents on core principles of education reform. (1 yr)

Teach for America Inc.
New York, NY $400,000
To support expansion and growth of the Policy and Advocacy Leadership Initiative. (2 yrs)

The Aspen Institute Inc.
Washington, DC $400,000
To conduct off-the-record meetings and public events to improve the design and implementation of new teacher effectiveness and evaluation policies. (2 yrs)

The New Teacher Project Inc.
Brooklyn, NY $800,000
to expand the supply of qualified teachers in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis by reducing the policy barriers that keep each district from staffing its classrooms effectively. (2 yrs)

The PIE Network
Minneapolis, MN $150,000
To support state-level policy changes needed to improve teacher quality, close achievement gaps, and ensure that all student graduates are world ready. (1 yr)


Early Childhood Education

Achieve Inc.
Washington, DC $400,000
To work with Illinois and Indiana teachers and policy makers to design developmentally-appropriate K-2 formative and summative assessments that can be used in new teacher evaluation systems.
(2 yrs)

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families Inc.
Madison, WI $50,000
To improve the educational qualifications of teachers in early childhood programs throughout Wisconsin. (1 yr)


Innovation Grants

Children First Fund the Chicago Public Schools Foundation
Chicago, IL $250,000
To support the establishment of a new Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Strategy Management (OSM) and the development of a comprehensive 10-year Neighborhood Vision for CPS. (9 mos)

Chicago, IL $60,000
To conduct an analysis of the location and performance of public neighborhood and charter schools in Indianapolis. (1 yr)

Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Chicago, IL $200,000
To support its efforts to create funding parity for charters in Chicago; the development of a strategic facilities plan by the Chicago Public Schools district; the successful launch and proper execution of the Illinois Charter School Commission; and the meaningful engagement of education reform advocates, parents, and students in promoting high-quality school options. (1 yr)

KIPP Chicago
Chicago, IL $75,000
To build a self-sustaining, advocacy and community engagement program focused on improving educational opportunities for children in Chicago. (1 yr)

Mass Insight Education and Research Institute Inc
Boston, MA $100,000
To fund the State Development Network, which is designed to help states advance their school turnaround strategies, in part by facilitating collaboration among state education agency leaders. (1 yr)

The Mind Trust
Indianapolis, IN $200,000
To promote the recommendations outlined in its December 2011 report 'Creating Opportunity Schools: A Bold Plan to Transform Indianapolis Public Schools.' (1 yr)

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