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Education Program Strategy: Teacher Quality

Goal: We support efforts to improve federal, state, and district polices to ensure students, especially those in high-need schools in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis, have access to teachers who are highly trained, properly evaluated, and well supported.

Theory of Change: Decades of research prove that excellent teachers are the key to student success, but too few students have access to top-notch educators. This is especially true for low-income and minority children, who are far more likely to be in classrooms with the least effective teachers. Therefore, it is important to develop policies that help attract high-caliber candidates into the profession, ensure they are properly trained before entering preK–12th grade classrooms, and guarantee they receive meaningful evaluations and get the support and career opportunities they need.

The Joyce Approach

Arrive classroom ready help ensure teachers are properly prepared for today’s diverse classrooms

  • Fund research to better understand the skills teachers need to be successful when they enter the classroom, and fund policy development and advocacy to promote better data systems and stronger partnerships between school districts and teacher training programs.

Make results count – refine evaluations to ensure they accurately measure teacher effectiveness

  • Fund research, policy development, and advocacy to help refine teacher evaluations in Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, to ensure the new systems produce data that accurately measures effectiveness and helps guide teacher supports.

Help teachers improve – build a profession that offers top-notch professional development and career opportunities

  • Support research and policy development to help transform teaching into a profession that attracts – and keeps – the brightest minds by ensuring teachers have career pathways and clear guidance for improvement.

The Joyce Foundation Announces $10.2 Million in Grants

In April, 50 grants totaling $10.2 million were approved by the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors to further address pressing economic and social challenges.

3/28/2016 3:53:00 PM

Joyce Foundation grant seeks expansion of college and career pathways to better prepare high school students for education, careers and life

$3 million grant to four Great Lakes community areas: Chicago’s northwest suburbs; Central Ohio; Madison, Wisconsin; and Rockford, Illinois

3/8/2016 11:15:00 AM

It's Not Too Late To Learn

Employment Program Officer, Matthew Muench writes about the results of a new report about the role of personal success skills in the 21st century workforce.


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