Improving the quality of life in the Great Lakes region and across the country.

Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

An initiative to bolster efforts in six Midwest states to help working-age adults who need to expand their skills.

Skills For Chicagoland's Future

Skills For Chicagoland's Future

New City Of Chicago And Cook County Program To Put Chicagoans Back To Work

Employment Program

Employment Program

Creating Economic Opportunity


Cross-Cuting Data and Policy

Cross-Cutting Data and Policy

Goal: Public policy at all levels of government will provide support for the expansion of best practices in workforce development at scale and will thereby lead to the overall desired outcomes of improving employment outcomes for underprepared adults in the Great Lakes region.

Theory of Change:  Improve the collection and analysis of workforce data to drive programmatic and investment decisions; support advocacy to reform federal and state employment and adult education policy; and partner with key stakeholders to drive metro-level systemic change that cuts across the program’s priority areas.

The Joyce Approach

  • Improve collection and use of workforce and education data to improve program and investment decisions by state policy makers, community college leaders, and other stakeholders;
  • Ensure more effective federal and state advocacy campaigns based on improved use of data; and
  • Support federal and state level policy reform and implementation to ensure demand-driven strategies and career pathways guide workforce development programs and systems.

Latest News From The Employment Program

9/28/2015 4:54:00 PM

2015 Shifting Gears Report Released

New workforce development strategies in 3 Midwestern states chart path for low-skilled adult workers to gain foothold in changing economy.


Joyce Foundation Approves 45 Grants

On April 21, 2015 the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors approved 45 grants spanning 7 programmatic priorities.

3/31/2015 10:43:00 AM

Research Shows Technology Has the Potential to Reshape Adult Education

Landmark national survey of adult educators shows tremendous opportunity for instructional technology to dramatically improve and expand adult basic education...


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