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Environment Grantees

2011 Environment Grants

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.

Alliance for the Great Lakes
Chicago, IL $400,000
For a multifaceted approach to protecting and preserving the Great Lakes that includes promoting the separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi to stop the flow of aquatic invasive species;  strong Compact implementation; and improving urban water. (1 yr)

Alliance for the Great Lakes
Chicago, IL $200,000
To support the second year of a coordinated campaign within the state of Illinois to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. (2 yrs)

American Rivers Inc.
Washington, DC $350,000
To promote policies and practices that reduce stormwater pollution in the Great Lakes. (2 yrs)

Better World Fund
Washington, DC $150,000
Jump Start Chicago Project. (1 yr)

Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chicago, IL $350,000
To support advocating for and protecting the Great Lakes project. (2 yrs)

Clean Wisconsin Inc.
Madison, WI $566,500
For renewed support of the continued Great Lakes Basin conservation and restoration efforts. (2 yrs)

Clean Wisconsin Inc.
Madison, WI $380,000
To support state and regional efforts to advance energy efficiency policy and programs throughout Wisconsin and the region. (2 yrs)

Detroit Educational Television Foundation
Detroit, MI $50,000
To support Great Lakes Now 2012, a community education project which will allow people from the Great lakes basin and beyond to virtually attend the Great Lakes Week conferences in Cleveland, Ohio. (1 yr)

Emerald Cities Collaborative
Washington, DC $200,000
For its high road sustainable economies initiative. (1 yr)

Environmental Defence Canada Inc.
Toronto, Canada $100,000
To build on Ontario's recent successful restoration initiatives. (2 yrs)

Environmental Defense Fund Inc.
New York, NY $300,000
Renewed support for work to improve water quality in the Western Lake Erie Basin. (1 yr)

Environmental Defense Fund Inc.
New York, NY $750,000
To ensure that the Illinois Smart Grid deployment maximizes energy efficiency and environmental benefits. (2 yrs)

Fresh Energy
St. Paul, MN $450,000
To expand the reach and impact of Midwest Energy News and strengthen the communications efforts of RE-AMP member organizations. (27 mos)

Freshwater Future
Petoskey, MI $50,000
To support the Organizing on Emerging Environmental Issues project. (1 yr)

Global Philanthropy Partnership
Chicago, IL $95,000
To support the development of an integrated approach to retrofits in institutions of Higher Education. (1 yr)

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Inc.
Chicago, IL $10,000
To support the Seventh Circuit Bar Association Foundation's Protecting the Great Lakes Symposium. (6 mos)

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative Inc.
Chicago, IL $250,000
To support the GLSLCI water program dealing with top priority issues on the Great Lakes. (2 yrs)

Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, MI $300,000
To support the advancement of separation in the Chicago waterway system; publicize separation options; maintain stakeholder forum; build support among descisonmakers; identify financing options. (18 mos)

Great Lakes Environmental Law Center
Detroit, MI $25,000
For the protection of the Great Lakes from invasive species project. (2 yrs)

Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development Inc.
Minneapolis, MN $450,000
For renewed support that will build on the Institute's previous energy efficiency work. (2 yrs)

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
Chicago, IL $75,000
To support the development of expertise, processes, tools and other infrastructure required to implement the Affordable Community Energy Program. (1 yr)

Hoosier Environmental Council
Indianapolis, IN $75,000
To reduce barriers to energy efficiency investment in the Indiana commercial and industrial sectors. (1 yr)

Illinois Environmental Council Education Fund
Springfield, IL $75,000
To expand clean energy work and to assist with organizational grown and development. (1 yr)

Metropolitan Planning Council
Chicago, IL $200,000
To support the Community-Driven Stormwater Solutions project. (2 yrs)

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Lansing, MI $30,000
To reestablish the Water Resources Conservation Advisory Council (Advisory Council) to assist in implementing Michigan's program implementing
the Compact. (6 mos)

Michigan Environmental Council
Lansing, MI $460,000
For renewed support for four organizations: MEC, a statewide policy organization; Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (TOMWC), a watershed organization and policy advocate; and Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) and Michigan Trout Unlimited (TU). (2 yrs)

Michigan Environmental Council
Lansing, MI $400,000
To support educating decision makers and opinion leaders on the benefits of energy efficiency and long-range resource planning to provide Michigan families and businesses the best deal for energy. (2 yrs)

Michigan Land Use Institute
Traverse City, MI $200,000
To support a project that aims to galvanize collaborative support for greater energy efficiency implementation in the region. (2 yrs)

Minnesota Environmental Partnership
St. Paul, MN $125,000
Continued support to protect and restore Lake Superior. (1 yr)

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators
Washington, DC $125,000
To continue its Midwest Environmental Legislators project. (1 yr)

National Parks Conservation Association
Washington, DC $225,000
For continued support of the Healing our Waters -Great Lakes Coalition (HOW). (1 yr)

National Wildlife Federation
Reston, VA $460,000
For renewed support to further Great Lakes protection and restoration. (2 yrs)

National Wildlife Federation
Reston, VA $60,000
For renewed support to further energy efficient solutions in Ohio. (1 yr)

Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.
New York, NY $600,000
To advance investments in energy efficiency ('EE') at both the municipal and state levels throughout the Great Lakes region. (2 yrs)

Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.
New York, NY $250,000
To support efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes. (18 mos)

The Nature Conservancy
Arlington, VA $150,000
To support a three-pronged approach to improve altered hydrologic function and reduce nutrient loading that impairs the waters of the Western Lake Erie Basin. (1 yr)

Northeast-Midwest Institute
Washington, DC $150,000
To support the Great Lakes Washington Program. (2 yrs)

Ohio Environmental Council
Columbus, OH $480,000
To advance clean energy goals in Ohio. (2 yrs)

Ohio State University Foundation
Columbus, OH $42,000
To support funding for educational efforts of law makers, science writers and media as well as coordination of work and project development. (1 yr)

Rockefeller Family Fund
New York, NY $300,000
For continued support of the RE-AMP Midwest clean energy collaborative, including its energy efficiency working group and a new energy efficiency rapid response fund. (2 yrs)

Rockefeller Family Fund
New York, NY $200,000
For renewed support of nonpartisan candidate education about the strong potential of clean energy solutions for the Midwest. (1 yr)

Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust
Milwaukee, WI $1,500,000
Continued support of Sweet Water and partners to achieve improved water quality, and water quality policy, in the five southeastern Wisconsin watersheds. (3 yrs)

Statewide Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Administration
Madison, WI $50,000
For a study of the most effective approaches to increase energy efficiency in the affordable housing sector (1 yr)

Union of Concerned Scientists Inc.
Cambridge, MA $100,000
For renewed support of the Climate and Energy Program's Midwest Clean Energy Campaign. (1 yr)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Center on Wisconsin Strategy
Madison, WI $75,000
To develop a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy for the City of Cleveland, in partnership with the Ohio Environmental Council. (1 yr)

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
Madison, WI $64,572
To support the planning and first phases of the Waters of Wisconsin II, a new generation of outreach, analysis and collaboration to shape and inform a living statewide strategy for freshwater ecosystems and water resources in Wisconsin. (1 yr)

Latest News From The Environment Program

3/20/2014 9:00:00 AM

Illinois Clean Energy Industry Employs 96,000+ People

Joyce-funded survey predicts clean energy industry will grow by 9% in 2014.

2/14/2014 4:02:00 PM

Analysis Shows Army Corps Report Overestimates Cost To Stop Asian Carp

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the cost to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes is $15 billion less than estimated.

2/4/2014 5:01:00 PM

Joyce grantee kicks its work up a notch, becomes Elevate Energy!

New website and resources launch online


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