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Environment Program

Saving Energy and Restoring the Great Lakes


Environment Grantees

2013 Environment Grants

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.


Clean Energy Trust
Chicago, IL $250,000
To continue the Jobs Census and the Policy Digest and to launch a new social media and crowd-funding program to engage a broader base of supporters on clean energy issues. (2 yrs)

Council of Michigan Foundations Inc.
Grand Haven, MI $150,000
To research energy efficiency policy options for the State of Michigan. (1 yr)

Ecology Center Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI

For the Advancing Energy Efficiency in Michigan project. (1 yr)

To engage key constituencies in Michigan in the state's energy efficiency policy debate. (8 mos)

Fresh Energy
St. Paul, MN $150,000
To protect and expand energy efficiency policies in Minnesota. (15 mos)

Global Philanthropy Partnership
Chicago, IL $150,000
To scale up energy efficiency retrofits in the healthcare and higher education sectors in Chicago. (1 yr)

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
Chicago, IL $75,000
To complete start-up of the Affordable Community Energy, an innovative enterprise to complete energy efficiency retrofits in affordable housing. (1 yr)

Illinois Environmental Council Education Fund
Springfield, IL $75,000
For its Energy Efficiency Initiative. (1 yr)

Izaak Walton League of America Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD $100,000
For new opportunities to advance energy efficiency in Minnesota. (1 yr)

Local Energy Aggregation Network
Mill Valley, CA $154,689
To develop and disseminate new policy tools so that the growing number of municipalities purchasing power on behalf of their residents may simultaneously secure energy efficiency resources for them. (1 yr)

Michigan Environmental Council
Lansing, MI $300,000
For renewed support to build on recent successes and lead Michigan in embracing a future where the vast majority of energy needs are met through energy efficiency and renewable power. (18 mos)

National Wildlife Federation
Reston, VA $50,000
For the Ohio Energy Efficiency Project. (1 yr)

Oberlin College and Conservatory
Oberlin, OH $150,000
For community-wide energy efficiency initiatives within the Oberlin Project. (2 yrs)

Union of Concerned Scientists Inc.
Cambridge, MA $200,000
To promote energy efficiency in the Midwest. (2 yrs)


Alliance for the Great Lakes
Chicago, IL $300,000
In collaboration with three Illinois-based organizations, implement years three and four of a five-year Illinois strategy to stop Asian carp and other invasive species from entering the Great Lakes. (2 yrs)

Council of Michigan Foundations Inc.
Grand Haven, MI $25,000
To continue support for activities during the second year of the Steering Committee for Great Lakes Funder Collaboration. (1 yr)

Council of State  Governments
Lombard, IL $150,000
To support the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus. (2 yrs)

Environmental Defense Fund Inc.
New York, NY $500,000
For work to improve water quality in the Western Lake Erie basin. (2 yrs)

Freshwater Future
Petoskey, MI $100,000
For its Binational Coordination on Great Lakes Issues project. (2 yrs)

Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, MI $25,000
To support the development of recommendations to the Council of Great Lake Governors on a water monitoring program for the Great Lakes. (6 mos)

Minnesota Environmental Partnership
St. Paul, MN $250,000
To protect and restore Lake Superior. (2 yrs)

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators
Washington, DC $250,000
To support its Midwest Environmental Legislators project. (2 yrs)

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Washington, DC $50,000
To support the Chi-Cal Rivers Fund efforts to increase stormwater storage capacity through green infrastructure, enhance fish and wildlife habitats, and improve public-use opportunities in the Chicago and Calumet River watersheds. (1 yr)

Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.
New York, NY $350,000
For its efforts to protect the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. (2 yrs)

The Nature Conservancy
Indianapolis, IN $300,000
To continue supporting its Western Lake Erie basin project. (2 yrs)

Ohio Environmental Council
Columbus, OH $300,000
To support its initiatives to protect, conserve and restore Ohio's portion of the Lake Erie basin. (2 yrs)

Ohio State University Foundation
Columbus, OH $100,000
To support the Ohio Sea Grant. (2 yrs)

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
Madison, WI $50,000
To support the next steps in its Waters of Wisconsin II project. (1 yr)


Ceres Inc.
Boston, MA $300,000
To mobilize businesses and investors to advance clean energy policies in the Midwest. (2 yrs)

Georgetown University
Washington, DC $200,000
To support Midwest communities' participation in the Georgetown University Energy Prize. (2 yrs)

Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources
Missoula, MT $187,500
To advance public awareness and understanding of complex natural resource issues that impact the entire Great Lakes region, and to provide professional development and training to journalists who write about environmental issues that impact the Great Lakes region. (18 mos)

National Parks Conservation Association
Washington, DC $415,000
To support the Healing Our Waters Coalition. (2 yrs)

The Regents of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment
Ann Arbor, MI $50,000
For renewed support of the Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative for its Enhancing Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Environmental Advocacy in the Great Lakes Region project. (1 yr)

Latest News From The Environment Program

6/15/2015 4:22:00 PM

Joyce Commends Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario for Historic Agreement to Protect Lake Erie

The agreement commits to reduce the flow of nutrient pollution into the Western Lake Erie Basin by 40 percent.


Joyce Foundation Approves 45 Grants

On April 21, 2015 the Joyce Foundation Board of Directors approved 45 grants spanning 7 programmatic priorities.

4/15/2015 10:21:00 AM

2015 Clean Energy Challenge

The Joyce Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Clean Energy Challenge, a nationally recognized accelerator for clean energy innovation.


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