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Environment Program

Saving Energy and Restoring the Great Lakes


Environment Grantees

2015 Environment Grants

Find more information about grantees in our Annual Reports.

Alliance for the Great Lakes
Chicago, IL $300,000
To support a coordinated campaign to stop Asian carp and other aquatic invasive species from entering the Great Lakes. (2 yrs)
Center for Clean Air Policy
Washington, DC $200,000
To support their Midwest program and on-the-ground efforts in Minnesota. (14 mos)
Clean Energy Trust
Chicago, IL $300,000
To support the Midwest clean energy jobs study. (1 yr)
Conservation Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN $200,000
To organize, train, and activate community engagement teams in 25 key communities across Greater Minnesota to build support for strong environmental policies in the state. (2 yrs)
Council of Michigan Foundations Inc.
Grand Haven, MI $324,000
To support the Great Lakes Funders Collaboration and a partnership with the Michigan governor's office on invasive species. (2 yrs)
Council of State Governments
Lombard, IL $150,000
To support the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus. (2 yrs)
CUB Consumer Education and Research Fund
Chicago, IL $150,000
For Rethinking the Grid: Reforming Utility Business Models to Advance Clean Energy Resources in the Midwest. (1 yr)
Elevate Energy
Chicago, IL $200,000
For the Utility 2.0 Stakeholder Project. (1 yr)
Environmental Defence Canada Inc.
Toronto, Ontario $50,000
To support continued efforts to improve the health of the Great Lakes. (1 yr)
Environmental Defense Fund Inc.
New York, NY $600,000
To support its continued efforts to improve water quality in Western Lake Erie Basin. (2yrs)
Faith in Place
Chicago, IL $110,000
To support energy efficiency and carbon pollution policy outreach. (15 mos)
Fresh Energy
St. Paul, MN $450,000
For continued support of Midwest Energy News. (2 yrs)
Global Philanthropy Partnership
Chicago, IL $25,000
To support the High Impact C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group collaboration in Chicago. (6 mos)
Freshwater Future
Petoskey, MI $150,000
To support their Bi-national Organizing on Great Lakes Issues project. (2 yrs)
Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources
Missoula, MT $275,000
To advance public awareness and understanding of complex natural resource issues that impact the Great Lakes region, and to serve the professional needs of journalists who report on Great Lakes issues.  (2 yrs)
Michigan Environmental Council
Lansing, MI $200,000
To support the "Eliminating Waste: Making Efficiency Michigan's Top Energy Priority" project. (1 yr)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
Ann Arbor, MI $275,000
To support polling, focus groups, and message development for use in the campaign to stop harmful algal blooms in the Western Lake Erie basin. (1 yr)
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Lansing, MI $100,000
To support its partnership with other leading conservation organizations in Michigan to organize, engage and activate diverse natural resource user groups to build public will for environmental protection. (1 yr)
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Chicago, IL $300,000
To support its Regional Policy Program-Advocating for Energy Efficiency in the Midwest. (1 yr)
Minnesota Environmental Partnership
St. Paul, MN $300,000
To protect and restore the natural environment of Minnesota. (2 yrs)
National Caucus of Environmental Legislators
Washington, DC $125,000
The project will recruit and educate legislators about environmental issues impacting the Great Lakes. (1 yr)
Bipartisan Policy Center Inc.
Washington, DC $250,000
For continued support of the Midcontinent States Environmental and Energy Regulators Group. (1 yr)
National Parks Conservation Association
Washington, DC $325,000
To support the Healing Our Waters Coalition. (1 yr)
Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.
New York, NY $300,000
To provide renewed support to protect and improve the health of the Great Lakes Ecosystem. (2 yrs)
The Nature Conservancy
Indianapolis, IN $500,000
To support it Western Lake Erie Basin project and its work to prevent the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes region.  (2 yrs)
Northeast-Midwest Institute
Washington, DC $75,000
To support the Northeast-Midwest Institute Great Lakes Washington Program (GLWP) including the Great Lakes Congressional Task Forces. (1 yr)
Ohio Environmental Council
Columbus, OH $310,000
For continued support of its efforts to leverage state policy to increase energy efficiency in Ohio; and to protect, conserve, and restore Ohio's portion of the Lake Erie basin. (1 yr)
Ohio State University Foundation
Columbus, OH $100,000
To support Ohio Sea Grant. (2 yrs)
Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust
Milwaukee, WI $400,000
For its project to achieve clean water in the Great Milwaukee watersheds (1 yr)
Union of Concerned Scientists Inc.
Cambridge, MA $250,000
To support the Powering Ahead the Midwest project. (2 yrs)
The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL $225,000
For Improving State Implementation of the Clean Power Plan in the Great Lakes Region. (3 yrs)

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