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Preventing Gun Violence

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Gun Policy Reforms In America

Gun Policy Reforms In America

Strengthening the nation’s response to gun violence.

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Gun Violence Prevention Program

Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Public Policies


Gun Violence Prevention

Nearly 100,000 Americans are killed or injured in gun violence every year. This inflicts a heavy toll on families and communities. The Joyce Foundation works with law enforcement, policy makers and advocates to develop common sense gun violence reduction and prevention policies that keep our communities safe.

Our Approach

Public Education and Engagement

Gun laws in the U.S. allow for easy access to an unlimited number of almost any type of firearm, by virtually anyone. As a result, convicted felons, people with mental illness, and domestic abusers can and do obtain deadly firearms with impunity. Likewise, firearms for sale to civilians have become increasingly lethal, with military-style assault weapons readily available at gun stores and shows throughout the country.

A growing body of research shows that strong gun laws correspond with lower rates of gun death and injury. The Joyce Foundation supports efforts to build awareness about the problem of gun violence in America, and to educate the public, policy makers and the media about common-sense policies that improve public health and safety. Learn More.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Every day, gun violence threatens the safety and well-being of law enforcement officers across the country. The Joyce Foundation supports policies and practices that help law enforcement combat gun crime and violence and ensure their safety. Through grants to groups such as the Police Executive Research Forum and Police Foundation, the Foundation is helping to facilitate efforts by the law enforcement community to strengthen the nation’s response to gun violence. Learn More.

Policy-Oriented Research

The Joyce Foundation believes that access to data and sound research on gun violence is critical to the development of effective public policies to reduce firearm injuries and deaths. We are proud of our role in establishing the National Violent Death Reporting System, now a project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which links data from multiple sources to provide a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding violent deaths in the U.S. Research supported by the Joyce Foundation also helps to understand and explain the link between access to firearms and suicide, the risk firearms pose to children, and the sources of illegal guns. Learn More.

Latest News From The Gun Violence Prevention Program


Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities

Chicago area funders joined together in support of immediate intervention to deter violence and promote peace in Chicago neighborhoods.

7/28/2016 9:32:00 AM

Joyce Foundation Awards $13.7 Million in Grants

Joyce Foundation Awards $13.7 Million in Grants to Advance Policies on Climate Change, Great Lakes Protection, Gun Violence Prevention, and Workforce Development​

In Response to Recent Gun Violence

A statement of Joyce Foundation President Ellen Alberding in response to recent gun violence.


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