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Rethinking Teacher Evaluation - Consortium on Chicago School Research

Report finds promising results from new teacher observation evaluation model

Nobody knows Chicago schools quite like the Consortium on Chicago School Research. With teacher quality arguably the hottest issue in education right now, Joyce made a grant to the Consortium to study implementation of a new way to evaluate teachers in the Chicago Public Schools. The study yielded incredibly important results both to help Chicago and school districts across the country.

Researchers found that Chicago’s new teacher evaluation system reliably identified teachers who excel and teachers who struggle. Students showed the greatest growth in test scores in the classrooms where teachers received the highest ratings from trained classroom observers, and students showed the least growth in test scores in classrooms where teachers received the lowest ratings. This is especially important for teachers in non-tested grades and subjects – a major focus of recent evaluation design work – because it suggests we can accurately measure those teachers’ impact on students using effective observation tools – and help kids across the country excel.

“This study shows that we’re moving in the right direction with our redesign of educator evaluations in Illinois. It shows the observation methods we’re moving toward are valid and reliable measures of solid teaching practice and that they can be applied consistently,” State Superintendent of Education Christopher A. Koch said. “The state is going to use the lessons learned in the Consortium study as we design the state’s training for principals which will be critical for the successful implementation of our new educator evaluation systems.”

The Joyce Foundation Education Program works to close the achievement gap by improving teacher quality and early reading skills. The Joyce Foundation supports research that is focused on making teacher evaluations more meaningful, giving all teachers the tools they need to become great, and rewarding them for excellence. We must all commit to helping teachers become great and attracting more talented adults into the profession.

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