Joseph Solis

Applied Data Fellow
Portrait of Joseph Solis

A digital humanities scholar, artist, and LGBTQ+ activist. Joseph obtained his MA in Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History at the University of Chicago, and is currently doing an Applied Data Science for Public Policy Fellow at the Harris School of Public Policy. His research uses word embeddings to explore semantic toxicity in media and its potential effect on culture and collective, intergenerational paradigms. He creates digital archives and inclusive data ontologies that could prevent crucial information from being obscured. Through digital initiatives, he hopes to foster international collaboration on the study of similar historical processes such as the criminalization of homosexuality. Born in Ecuador, he co-founded an LGBTQI+ activist group "Tejido Diverso" and is currently creating an LGBTQ+ archive and digital humanities center in Quito. He also uses art and literature to explore and share the ideas he studies. His upcoming novel explores the link between military violence, sexual abuse, and intergenerational trauma in 1970s-1990s Ecuador.