The current state of the Chicago police consent decree


Since January 2019 the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has been under a court ordered consent decree following a civil rights investigation that revealed patterns of racial discrimination and other forms of misconduct. The events of 2020 brought the issue of police reform into the collective consciousness of the country as many publicized instances of police misconduct produced a summer of unrest and increased public dialogue on the issue. The Chicago police consent decree is the most extensive of its kind and the outcome remains uncertain.

On November 29, 2021, we hosted a discussion on the current state of the Chicago police consent decree. The discussion included:

1. An update from Maggie Hickey, the independent monitor overseeing the implementation of the consent decree, on the most recent monitor report.

2. A panel discussion moderated by Garien Gatewood, Director of the Illinois Justice Project, and featuring panelists:

  • Cara Hendrickson, Executive Director, Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
  • Ghian Foreman, President, Chicago Police Board
  • Robert Boik, Executive Director, Constitutional Policing and Reform, CPD

Click here to view the full presentation by Maggie Hickey.

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