Improving the quality of life in the Great Lakes region and across the country.

President’s Letter

What Engages You?

A few core beliefs lie at the heart of our work.
First, everyone has a stake in the outcome.



Welcome to The Joyce Foundation

­The Joyce Foundation invests in solutions to pressing economic and social challenges that affect the quality of our lives, the well-being of our communities and the fairness of our society. Our primary focus is the Great Lakes region but we have national reach and impact.

We promote excellence in the education of our children, economic opportunity for more Americans and increased voter participation and government responsiveness in our democracy. We support policies and programs to protect our communities from gun violence, clean up and restore our natural environment and enrich arts and culture through greater diversity.

We move ideas to action by supporting the development, testing and advancement of policies. We also focus on improving the performance of the systems and institutions that determine if policies work on the ground as intended.

Through insights and data gleaned from research, the work of our grantees and partners and the expertise of our program staff, we have an impact on issues that collectively contribute significantly to quality of life.

Founded in 1948 and based in Chicago, Joyce has assets of $950 million and distributes approximately $45 million annually.


Minority representation lacking in elected government offices, study finds

A Joyce funded report was released that uncovered widespread underrepresentation of communities of color in local government jurisdictions.


2015 Clean Energy Challenge

The Joyce Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Clean Energy Challenge, a nationally recognized accelerator for clean energy innovation.


Statement by the Joyce Foundation on the passing of Sarah Brady

“Her passing leaves silence where a powerful voice of change resonated for so many years”


Research Shows Technology Has the Potential to Reshape Adult Education

Landmark national survey of adult educators shows tremendous opportunity for instructional technology to dramatically improve and expand adult basic education...


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