In the News: Joyce’s Commitment to Diversity


The Foundation’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion was highlighted in a front-page story in the Chicago Tribune focused on how nine prominent Black leaders in Chicago believe progress can be sustained through 2021.

Kayce Ataiyero, the Foundation’s managing director of communications, is among the leaders cited. She tells the Tribune she is familiar with being the only Black person at the table, but feels fortunate to work at an organization that views diversity as an asset. She says it will take time to “rewire” an entire societal system that wasn’t designed with African Americans in mind, but it can be done.

The article also cites a new initiative, launched by Nickol Hackett, the Foundation’s chief investment officer and treasurer, to seed and partner with the next generation of investment managers. The project will direct capital to early-stage founders of race- and gender-diverse firms.

About The Joyce Foundation

Joyce is a nonpartisan, private foundation that invests in evidence-informed public policies and strategies to advance racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation in the Great Lakes region.

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